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NFC driving E-plate License Annually Audit & Illegal Activities Tracking

Updated on: 2017/5/2 21:27:09 - by - - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

  • NFC driving E-plate License Annually Audit & Illegal Activities Tracking
NFC driving E-plate License Annually Audit & Illegal Activities Tracking

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  • NFC Car Pay electroinc pocket new way pay for TAXI

  • NFC Cashless Car Application Combined with Driver's Licenses

  • Good Pratice Of NFC Car Renting & Returning Booking System

  • NFC give authority to driver using truck

  • One time use NFC driver license destroyed when entrance other country border 

  • Used for inspection of the driving license of the fleet/truck of a large company


  • NFC labels are used on driver licences which look like Iso cards and the chip is damaged easily by putting the card into a purse.

  • Write unique driver license numbers and driver name into NFC tag, read NFC tag fast get driver basic information, processing times of paperwork were greatly reduced.

  • Intelligent Third License Plate E-plate license provide tamper proof of identify

  • Lora RFID enabled vehicle tracking,authentication,data storage or license inspect application

  • Improved also license more security and unique idetification for vehicle owner

  • NFC-enabled portable attendee & login license application distinct advantages to getting a HAM radio RF license.

  • NFC Driver License Identification Application High Security Encryption Solution

  • Vehicle car automatic parking Lot, electronic toll collection of high speed way, Certification license card ticket, environmental license automatic parking lot, to control traffic,speeding violation identification,vehicle annual inspection.


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