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Pick to Light LED Lighting Solution For Fast location File & Document

Solution updated on: 2017/10/20 9:52:51 - by - - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer / SolutionID:2034

  • Pick to Light LED Lighting Solution For Fast location File & Document
Pick to Light LED Lighting Solution For Fast location File & Document

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  • Designed for locating tagged items from the field by means of LED light.

  • Quickly locate items and improve the efficiency of finding goods.

  • Increase the accuracy of picking,Reduce inventory cycle.

  • Free your hands and adopt paperless operation.

  • Ideal for general applications such as inventory management and asset tracking.

  • Requires specialized application for RFID reader to support light-up LED functionality.

  • LED powered entirely by RFID reader,No internal battery.

  • Suitable for indoor use with a service temperature of  -40 to 85° C.


  • For a long time, in the application of RFID filing cabinets, it is no longer a problem to find out exactly which layer the files are on.  While the problem is how to accurately find the document in the dense portfolio. So, the RFID led document tag was born!

  • The RFID led document tag is based on the traditional RFID tag with an LED light reminder function. The light helps to achieve rapid positioning and find the specified item in the smart file cabinet. The RFID lighting file label integrates chips, antennas, and LED lights. It is still as thin as paper and the light is clearly visible.What's more,These tags could be personalized printing logo and printing barcode.

  • With light-emitting diodes (LEDs) RFID UHF tags , while exerting the advantages of RFID technology. These marvelous tags also have the functions of quick search and single product positioning. When you need to locate a single LED tag, you only need to use the reader to select the EPC number corresponding to the tag. Furthermore, The LED lights on the RFID lighting electronic tag will flash. As a result, the light flashs allowing users easy to find and to manage items.