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Security File Anti-Counterfeiting Original Check Management

Updated on: 2015/7/2 14:28:20 - by - - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

  • Security File Anti-Counterfeiting Original Check Management
Security File Anti-Counterfeiting Original Check Management

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  • RFID NFC equipped file management classical data input & trackg efficiency

  • RFID document management system is completely releasing labor operation whom is inefficient

  • Most effective way to RFID eliminate the time consuming of file searching

  • Managing important documents efficiently is a challenge for every organization

  • Automatic identify track all document files and of the tracking records

  • Improve Document Mangement & File Stock management Cut Down Labour Operation Cost


  • Aiming at the security problems in the management of classified documents, especially paper media files, a classified document management system was designed and implemented based on RFID technology.

  • Combining RFID technology and the construction of digital archives with the scientific management of archive entities, it has become possible to realize a new model of scientific, efficient and highly modernized management of archives.

  • Collect and store information, and automatically return the collected information to the data in the central database for verification.

  • RFID technology has greatly enhanced the manager's ability to collect, exchange, and track information about items stored in the warehouse. 

  • The manager does not need to open the file box, just pass the file box with the RFID tag in front of the reader, and the specific name, quantity, file summary and other information of the files in the box can be displayed on the computer screen, which reduces the manager’s The operation link improves the operation efficiency and helps managers to implement the dynamic management of inventory files.


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