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Disney Game Application - Character Exchange NFC System

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  • Disney Game Application - Character Exchange NFC System
Disney Game Application - Character Exchange NFC System

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  • Short-range radio frequency communication(up to 10cm)

  • Contactless interaction between objects/devices

  • RFID in Casino Chips helping the house stay secure

  • NFC enables devices within a few centimeters of each other to exchange information wirelessly.

  • NFC tag applied to any physical object can launch a multitude of mobile digital experiences at the tap of a phone.


  • Toys To Life NFC Games Application System

  • NFC  enables the communication between objects and devices

  • Digitized Objects with RFID game's interface better perception

  • Foresight to implement Game changing and Player interative in arena industry

  • NFC game player identifying system faster role selection & group fighting

  • Game Live GPS Real Time Tracking such as golf,dungeon and dragon

  • NFC tag adds magic  to Disney Game Application

  • NFC Stickers and inlays can be  inserted in game controllers and consoles, as well as physical toys and cards

  • Players can link all of these items and use them in gameplay simply by tapping them togetherIt also allows to store and manage data securely and easily on one chiparance and surface printing can be customized according to customers requires.


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