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Full temperature record of cold chain vaccine management based on RFID technology

Solution updated on: 2019/12/4 15:56:47 - by - - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer / SolutionID:1318

  • Full temperature record of cold chain vaccine management based on RFID technology
Full temperature record of cold chain vaccine management based on RFID technology

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  • High Accuracy temperature sensoring +/- 0.5 degree

  • Temperature Logging interval is customized & flexible

  • Friendly Graphic GUI interface temperature vs date time

  • Long Reading Range with stable performance


  • Due to the current lack of effective monitoring of vaccines during transportation, some uncontrollable factors during transportation have led to uncontrolled temperature and quality damage. Generally, the storage temperature of the vaccine is 2-8 °, and the low temperature will destroy the structure of the vaccine and cause failure. Over-temperature will shorten the shelf life of the product. Excessive over-temperature may even lead to inactivation and deterioration of the product, which threatens life and health.

  • The traditional method has not been effectively monitored during the transfer process. Once the vaccine is found to be spoiled, the current method can neither identify which specific link is faulty, nor hold the person responsible

  • The traditional vaccine surveillance process is opaque, making it difficult for consumers or third parties to achieve effective surveillance

RFID tag for Vaccine management 2.jpgRFID tag for Vaccine management 3.jpgRFID tag for Vaccine management 1.jpg

  • Temperature sensor labels can be used in the field of Cold drinks, dairy products, fruits and vegetables, meat, aquatic products, medicine & chemicals

  • Before leaving the factory, attach RFID temperature tags to the surface of the vaccine. The tag will record the measured temperature periodically at predetermined time intervals

  • Workers regularly collect data, and centrally upload these data to the data center for storage and processing, and upload to the blockchain. In this way, the whole process of transportation can be monitored. At the same time, it provides consumers with a convenient means of inquiry, and releases the safety traceability information of the product to the society.