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Medical & Health Care

NFC Tag for Medical Utensil Management

Updated on: 2019/8/10 15:59:05 - by - - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

  • NFC Tag for Medical Utensil Management
NFC Tag for Medical Utensil Management

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  • Convenient information matching and ensuring accurate data

  • Passive rfid anti counterfeiting break on remove tag

  • RFID cardinality estimation with blocker tags

  • NFC hologram security windshield tag for payment


  • The medical device industry has high requirements for its production process, production environment, packaging, storage, circulation, etc. There will always be other unlicensed manufacturers in the market in order to seek benefits, shoddy

  • When a hospital patient needs to use it, the hospital staff will perform high-temperature distillation sterilization of the medical device in advance, but the hospital staff is busy, and if many patients need to use it at the same time, it is easy to cause confusion. it's necessary to put NFC Tag For Medical Utensil

  • Some unlicensed manufacturers in the market in order to make profits, shoddy, only by the naked eye, they have never performed any quality check for those items, put NFC Tag For Medical Utensil the government / management officer will track those utensil one by one for sure the situation

RFID Boosts Medical Equipment Usage System Application

  • Put NFC Tag For Medical Utensil to ensure one-to-one matched with associated medical devices and related patients

  • Suitable for high temperature testing units, medical device manufacturers whom will put NFC Tag For Medical Utensil accordingly


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