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Payment Application

Fuel Automatic Payment Management System Based on RFID Technology

Updated on: 2017/1/19 9:04:41 - by - - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

  • Fuel Automatic Payment Management System Based on RFID Technology
Fuel Automatic Payment Management System Based on RFID Technology

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  • RFID windshield tag for automatic payment management and cash-free.

  • Automatic payment solution makes people's life easier when passing through toll booths, parking lots, gas stations, drive-thus, washing cars and many others.

  • People driving their cars go through places with non-stop identification.

  • People don't get in lines and pay without leaving the car after using automatic payment method.


  • Customized shape and on metal use NFC tag 

  • Confidential NFC encrypted identification

  • Fuel dispenser mounted with Bluetooth NFC reader

  • Online nfc payment system for auto parking and tolling plaza

  • NFC sticker related with oil gas petrol refuelling system as a electronic license connected to cloud server

  • Contactless NFC fuel payment system "tap pay"

  • Shell Fueling RFID Payment Solution Applying Windshield Tamper Proof Sticker

  • RFID windshiel tag for gas, parking, passing the toll without a queue, paying for meals at the drive-thru, and even washing cars.

  • Two solutions: NFC windshield tag & UHF fuel filler tag.

  • NFC fragile non-transferable tags sticked on the windshield, handheld reader to collect the payment from NFC tags.

  • UHF fragile non-transferable tags sticked around the fuel filler, using UHF ATEX nozel reader to fulfill the automatic payment.


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