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Jewelry Against Theft Management Application

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  • Jewelry Against Theft Management Application
Jewelry Against Theft Management Application

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  • Real-time monitoring of jewelry to improve safety.

  • The label has a unique identification code, which cannot be copied, and the physical evidence information is accurately identified.

  • Be able to quickly count the number of jewelry, extend business hours, and increase turnover.

  • Reduce labor management costs and save costs.

  • Digital and information management to improve the management level.

  • Effectively and timely statistics of customer purchase information, and improve the ability to analyze the product market.


  • In the jewelry industry, the products sold every day are valuables with high value and small size, and in order to prevent the loss of products, it is necessary to check the number of jewelry products and the number of products sold many times a day. The traditional manual inventory management and barcode scanning in the daily inventory, more and more show its shortcomings: cumbersome, inefficient, not accurate enough, so efficient and accurate RFID automatic identification technology began to gradually replace the manual, barcode inventory.

  • RFID readers are installed under the jewelry display cabinet to monitor the jewelry in the display case at all times, and if the jewelry is not returned to its original position for a long time, it will trigger an alarm and record the time and item details of the warning, so as to prevent the jewelry from being lost due to the long time of leaving the cabinet.

  • Each employee is issued an employee tag card. When the employee takes out the jewelry in the display case, the RFID reader under the counter reads the employee tag card, records the employee's operation information, and at the same time treats the action as a normal action.

  • Install an RFID card reader module or RFID antenna at the bottom of the jewelry display tray, and when the jewelry is taken out of the display case and placed in the display tray, the RFID card reader module (antenna) will monitor the jewelry until it is put back into the display case. If the jewellery leaves the safe range, an alarm will be triggered to alert management, counter staff, security personnel, etc. to pay attention to the warning area.

  • RFID access doors are installed at the entrance and exit of the jewelry store, and each piece of jewelry can be read when leaving the jewelry store, and if the jewelry tag that has not gone through the normal procedures is read, an alarm will be triggered to remind the staff to check the situation with the security personnel on the spot to prevent the jewelry from being "entrained" out.