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Retail Application

RFID Applied to Digital Warehouse Management in Apparel Industry

Updated on: 2019/7/11 3:03:52 - by - - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

  • RFID Applied to Digital Warehouse Management in Apparel Industry
RFID Applied to Digital Warehouse Management in Apparel Industry

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  • Bluetooth bracelet reader BU01, low cost and easy to operate in retail

  • Realize clothing inbound identification, fast inventory tracking

  • Apparel with anti-counterfeit RFID tag, Security brands protection

  • With the addition RFID garment tag, it is no longer necessary to open the box for inspection, the goods can accelerate the batch circulation

  • Clothing RFID Store Application increase user fitness experience

  • RFID Efficient Shop Mall items searching tracking & warehouse Inventory


  • The market cycle of apparel products is short, and the turnover rate is high. At present, the manual recording scheme is adopted. The collection efficiency of the storage and storage is low, the error rate is high, and the cost is high. The low inventory efficiency leads to shortened operation time of the store, and the service quality is degraded, resulting in loss basing on Clothing RFID Store Application

  • Online sales have led to increased competition in physical stores and the need to improve service and efficiency;

  • There is a unified warehouse, there is no unified management, the data collection cost is high, and the asset inventory efficiency is low;

  • Most of the store's inventory management is chaotic, each is in power and the overall performance is low.

  • RFID Clothing Store Application via BU01 combined with Android phone to achieve EPC data modification and inventory

  • RFID Clothing Store Application is comfortable to the pricing & reliability

  • There are many outlets in the store, and the customer resources are not abundant. The data processing using BU01 has high performance, easy operation and easy to use.


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