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Retail Application

RFID Wireless items Finding & Searching

Updated on: 2017/5/1 14:52:16 - by - - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

  • RFID Wireless items Finding & Searching
RFID Wireless items Finding & Searching

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  • Phone Tap App Allows Consumers to Find Location Of commodity

  • Items insert with RFID LED tag flashing when ID be search

  • NFC Grocery Shopping Promotions & New Way of Electronic Marketting 

  • Shopping application process integrated with NFC technology-based on Android

  • RFID Efficient Shop Mall items searching & finding


  • RFID technology as a wireless communication technology is very suitable for the concept of new retail

  • Each product has a specific RFID electronic tag, so that each product has global unique electronic authentication information, which is used for settlement and anti-theft. At the same time, shopping guides no longer have to worry about working overtime at night to take inventory.

  • Quickly find goods, intelligent inventory, display management, intelligent matching, interactive marketing

  • Value-added anti-counterfeiting solutions perfectly reduce the risk of sales losses due to the fake products in the market and protect the interests of merchants.

  • Reliable way of anti-counterfeiting by making RFID tags fragile and non-transferable, together with tamper proof/tamper detection functions, which makes the product impossible to be copied by non-original manufacturer.


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