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Power Supply RFID Solution for Anti-stolen and Anti-overload

Updated on: 2022/5/12 16:24:25 - by - - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

  • Power Supply RFID Solution for Anti-stolen and Anti-overload
Power Supply RFID Solution for Anti-stolen and Anti-overload

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  • Electronic RFID Seals are the same price as the classic electricity meter seals!

  • Electronic RFID Seals automatically report to be damaged or removed, since every attempt of damaging or removing the seal destroys RFID tag!

  • Electronic RFID Seals have secure system of coding that prevents their forging or cloning!

  • Electronic RFID Seals ensures data set linked to electricity meter and thus permanently tends on technical validity of electricity meters themselves.

  • Classic electricity meter seals can be removed and replaced to the same electricity meter without any visible damage – there are various technics for their removal which already exist on internet websites.


  • RFID electronic seals are used for the physical protection of measuring devices in the field and represent the cheapest and safest protection system.

  • RFID electronic seals operate on the principle of passive RFID chip's who are on a three-tier label, which is non-resistant to any move and pull off, since at that moment destroys mentioned passive RFID tag gives a signal to the RFID readers made an intervention on the measuring device .

  • In the field of wide world in electric supply, everywhere there are many kinds of problems such as power stealing,counterfeit electronic meter, destroy electronic meter etc via shorter, magnetic, wire re-connection. Ensure all those service provider will loose their benefits.


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