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Smart Warehousing

RFID Supply Chain And Warehouse Solution

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  • RFID Supply Chain And Warehouse Solution
RFID Supply Chain And Warehouse Solution

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  • At present, the market is fiercely competitive. How to improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs is of crucial importance to enterprises. Warehousing and logistics management is widely used in various industries to design and establish a complete warehouse management process to improve the warehousing turnover and reduce the occupation of working capital so that the frozen assets become cash and reduce the costs caused by warehousing and elimination, An important part of production efficiency.

  • Traditional barcode labels and man-made warehouse management documents have failed to meet the needs of modern warehouse management. The advantages of RFID technology that can not be compared with the barcode to identify long-distance, fast, difficult to damage, large capacity have been successfully introduced to make enterprise warehouse management become Transparent and more efficient work.

  • RFID warehouse management system is the introduction of RFID technology in the existing warehouse management, warehouse arrival inspection, storage, delivery, transfer, shift library shift, inventory and other operational aspects of the data for automated data acquisition, assurance Warehouse management of all aspects of data input speed and accuracy to ensure that enterprises timely and accurate grasp of the true inventory data to maintain and control the business inventory.

  • RFID is now a state-of-the-art wireless technology that is supported by RFID. RFID can make a lot of management realize the wireless method, more and more commercial enterprises will carry out the work of coding to the project in succession. In order to improve the operation efficiency, at the same time But also try not to change the current logistics and warehousing mode, so we must use the pallet as a carrier, the use of pallet identification approach to make warehousing more convenient, has 2 advantage points below

  • 1, the use of radio frequency technology (RFID), the arrival of pieces by piece to establish the palletizing association, and to ensure the real-time nature of the stack of parts and its consistency in kind; the entire pallet arrival of the entire tray scanning, add storage Scanning efficiency.

  • 2. Establish logistics tracking of pallet finished products based on pallet stacking to improve operation efficiency and closely integrate with three-stroke work of code-to-strip project so as to improve the efficiency of commercial enterprises in sorting out and delivering out of warehouse (according to pallet scanning code).


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