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NFC Tagging On Cosmetic Quality Check & Brand Tracking Application

Updated on: 2015/7/2 14:28:20 - by - - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

  • NFC Tagging On Cosmetic Quality Check & Brand Tracking Application
NFC Tagging On Cosmetic Quality Check & Brand Tracking Application

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  • Excellent performance and superior closecoupling btw cosmetics distributor and consumer

  • A visibility Retail Of Cosmetic applications by Near Field Communication(NFC)

  • Avoid Fake Counterfeit Cosmetic Damage Brand & Impact Health

  • Prevent oftenly indistinguishable cosmetics purchased from the same packaging or similar smell itself

  • NFC tagging with unique ID and secure access authentication to all original cosmetics

  • UHF RFID tagging application provide a long range cosmetic tracking & inventory

  • RFID Cosmetics Brand Protection from NFC Anti-Counterfeiting Bottle sticker


  • Forgery leads to damage to brand reputation

  • New RFID developments can benefit cosmetic brands and optimise customer experience, New packaging materials and smaller, more sensitive RFID tags finally help cosmetic brands to provide ever-greater inventory accuracy both in real store and in the web shop to fulfil the increasing need for faster global shipping and replenishment.

  • The particular situation of shelf-life is a challenge of the cosmetics industry that is not shared by the apparel market, with RFID technolgy,seems ideally suited to the task of managing expiry dates, as well as the tags can hold the information on an item-level.

  • Superior quality of customer service, Reduced inventory shrinkage in stores

  • Increased brand loyalty and better selling, Analytics in real-time and store KPIs, Easily manage shelf-life of products

  • Cosmetics Brand Protection for the cosmetic owner and Anti-Counterfeiting

  • NFC tab to Lipstick Brand Check & Sourcing Management Aplication

  • Anti-counterfeiting of valuables,such as Jewelry,watches,cosmetic,Baby Milk and so on.

  • Value-added anti-counterfeiting solutions for Pharmaceuticals products.

  • Cosmetics Brand Protection for the cosmetic owner.


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