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Vehicle ETC Application

RFID Parking inside of residential and business condominiums

Updated on: 2015/7/2 14:28:20 - by - - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

  • RFID Parking inside of residential and business condominiums
RFID Parking inside of residential and business condominiums

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  • Automatic Control Vehicle Enter Into or Exit Parking Gate

  • Long Reading Range Up to 10meter more

  • Passive UHF Technology With Low Cost Investment

  • Multiple Vehicle Support & High Spead Reading Up to 160Km/hour.

  • Labour Free Design Application System

  • RFID Parking inside of residential and business condominiums


  • Annually Vehicle RFID Parking Lot & Parking Gate System

  • RFID Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Freeflow Vehicle System

  • Vehicle Perfect System Gated parking, Car washes Automobile Identification

  • RFID Tag Plate Number of Vehicle Identification Application

  • Parking Assistant Under RAID RF detection Technology

  • Long Range Reading Distance up to 10meters more Identify

  • Ultra High Frequency Band Of 860-960Mhz Vehicle Passive Powerless

  • Vehicle Tag Registeration At One time Tamper Evidence Design 

  • High Way CityRoad Multipe Vehicles Fastest Passage & Gate Passing Solution

  • On Removal UHF labels and Personalized Data Encryption & Security Service

  • Bridge Vehicle payment solution high speed 260km/hour from ETC plaza gate

  • Low Rate Of Miss Vehicle Reading & Labour Operation Free

  • Security authorization and road fee charging phone confirmation

  • Automatic entrance went in/went out & cost investment

  • RFID Parking  Systems support different vehicles truck,car,tank,trailer shuttle bus

  • vehicle makers to provide e-payment enabled digital

Potential Market - Proposal Solution

  • Vehicle car automatic parking Lot, electronic toll collection of high speed way

  • Logistics supply chain,digital warehouse management

  • Certification license card ticket


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