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  • HP190119A Blood HF NFC Tag
  • HP190119A Blood HF NFC Tag
HP190119A Blood HF NFC Tag HP190119A Blood HF NFC Tag

HP190119A Blood HF NFC Tag

    ●Blood HF NFC Tag is used for tracking and inventory management of blood and blood products in hospitals and blood banks.

    ●Inventory management of blood banks and hospital blood centers can be efficiently managed by using Blood HF NFC Tag

    ●Friendly Graphic GUI interface temperature vs date time

    ●This solution aims to improve upon efficiency, reduce errors, enhance visibility and increase security with the supply chain

    ●Blood NFC Tag used with bags containing blood plasma, are able to withstand difficult storage and usage conditions, including extreme cold

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HP190119A Blood HF NFC Tag

Place of origin : Fujian China ( mainland )

Brand name : Xminnov ODM or OEM

Antenna Size:75X45mm (±0.2mm)

Tag Size:86X54mm (±0.5mm)

Chip IC:NXP ICODE SLIX (other chip IC optional)

Operating Frequency:14. 8MHZ~15.4MHZ


Read and write range:≥7.0CM(Desktop Reader IVF-RH11)

Reprogram Life: 100,000 cycles

Material: PET based, Paper Based with color printing & barcode number

Temperature sensor range from -25°C to +75°C

Storage Temperature:-40℃~30℃

Substrate Material:Polyester Film(PET )

Antenna Material:Aluminum Etching

Characteristics:Transparent, single or double side of color printing

Value Added/Features

Over write logging records time by time after memory is getting full.

Designed with the blood bag supply chain in mind, the Blood HF NFC Tag are capable of enduring high moisture and long durations at freezing temperatures.

Hospital liquid medicine management ensure good quality for the patients.

RFID has the potential of improving patient safety and providing seamless healthcare service to the ever increasing patient pool through efficient inventory reduction and management, increased labor efficiency and overall operational automation. 


Mainly used in tagging for wine, medicine, drug, cosmetic and so on liquid kind of products, most function is products identification, items tracking & monitoring management, Tag outlook & surface printing could be customized according to the needs.

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