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  • NFC Waste Bin Recycling Tracking tag
  • NFC Waste Bin Recycling Tracking tag
NFC Waste Bin Recycling Tracking tag NFC Waste Bin Recycling Tracking tag

NFC Waste Bin Recycling Tracking tag

    ●NFC Waste Recycling Tag Bin Tracking management

    ●NFC Asset Security tracking management

    ●Waste Collection management for Residential,commercial and industrial fields

    ●HF hard rounded tag backside adhesive unique ID

    ●ISO14443A NDEF protocol with URL pre-programed

    ●Out Door water-proof, anti-compressive, anti-alkali wash

    ●Asset positioning location track and management

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NFC Waste Bin Recycling Tracking tag

Place of origin : Fujian China ( mainland )

Brand name : Xminnov ODM or OEM

Tag Size: D30mm x 15mm

Chip: EM4305

Frequency : 134.2 kHz (Memory: 64bit, read only)/UHF 860-960 MHz (EU, US, JP) (Memory: 96 bit EPC, 512 bit EEPROM)

Protocol: FDX and HDX

International Standard: EN 14803, DIN 30745

Color: Color,size,specifications can be customized

Major Material: Copper Wire + Stripe Module

Substrate: ABS & Copper Wire

Product Feature : Screw fixing, Waterproof, UV/IR Rays block components are build in,  IP level 65

Product Features

Easily integrated – Standard sizing for easy installation or retrofit for waste collection & City cleaning

Tamper resistant – Custom spanner screw drive to deter fraudulent removal

Broad compatibility – A choice of frequencies and memory capacities address common global installations and protocols

Reliable, consistent performance – No line-of-sight required, supports almost major RFID frequencies and standard


NFC Waste Tag / Recycling Bin tracking management widely used in communities, schools, parks, etc waste collection & city cleaning including for the parts of 


Waste Collection Platform guarantees real-time tracking of fleet and end-to-end control over collection and transfer operations. While Evreka Platform provides optimized routes for fleet, Driver App ensures fleet to follow the routes and send notifications from the field.


Waste Collection Platform enables end-to-end control over waste collection and city cleaning operations. Managers are provided the most accurate and up-to-date data from the field. The user friendly dashboard is specially designed to guarantee the quick and correct implementation of managerial decisions.


Waste Collection Platform enables managers to monitor their assets in the field. It also provides suggestions for the most efficient resource distribıtion. With sensors integrated to Waste Collection Platform, more detailed asset information from the field can be gathered and stored.


With specialized mobile applications and hardware solutions enable managers can track their employees' attendance, each employee signs in to the system with their own IDs. The solution eliminates the paperwork and provides the most up-to-dated information to the managers.

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