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  • Vaccine Application
Vaccine Application

Basing on RFID Temperature Sensor Technolgy, allow people to monitor each pipe of vaccine via cloud server

Due to the current lack of effective monitoring of vaccines during transportation, some uncontrollable factors during transportation have lead to uncontrolled temperature and quality damage. Generally, the storage temperature of the vaccine is 2-8 °, and the low temperature will destroy the structure of the vaccine and cause failure. Over-temperature will shorten the shelf life of the product. Excessive over-temperature may even lead to inactivation and deterioration of the product, which threatens life and health.

A full temperature recording system from vaccine manufacturing, packing, inspection, distributing, transportation, vaccine receiving, vaccine guarantee period, ever more to inject to vaccine to the patents, every transaction will be recorded in a RFID temperature sensor tag.

Those record data can be accessed from cell phone, computer and so on for full function of tracking in the feature. Such as if the vaccine is spoiled, vaccine surveillance process is opaque



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