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  • Fuelling Gas Station Contactless Payment System
Fuelling Gas Station Contactless Payment System

In order to prevent mistake from gas station whom the employees was made during each transaction of gas filling, Automatic vehicle identification (AVI) RFID fueling CNG LPG station solution is quite suitable for the owner whom want to deal with unmanned self-service low cost & better efficiency for every petrol transaction in gas station.

Put a NFC tag based payment badges wallets system inside the nozzle of each vehicle. not only an identification but also cash-free fast payment, prevent confusion in fueling operations by employing RFACS cost effective NFC technology, automatic Identify the fuel types for different vehicles such as natural gas as a motor fuel bi-fuel or dual fuel vehicle capable of using gasoline or diesel fuel from the vehicle fueling system itself

The same time, all the fuel consumption will be stored and upload to the cloud for any purpose of monitor and create value-added promotion note for each different customers on time while necessary.



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