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  • DP190211A Dual Frequency Hybrid Tag
  • DP190211A Dual Frequency Hybrid Tag
DP190211A Dual Frequency Hybrid Tag DP190211A Dual Frequency Hybrid Tag

DP190211A Dual Frequency Hybrid Tag

    ●Dual-frequency RFID electronic tags compatible with ISO\IEC18000-6C GEN2V2 & ISO/ICE 14443A

    ●Using precision aluminum etching combined with printing silver paste technology to achieve high performance in small size, and with high temperature anti-metastasis paste system, together to achieve heating and anti-metastasis

    ●The unique ID number and stored data of the read tag can be read by both of UHF or high frequency NFC reader

    ●Tags that contain unique identification data capable of granting or denying access to restricted areas

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DP190211A Dual Frequency Hybrid Tag

Place of origin : Fujian China ( mainland )

Brand Name : Xminnov ODM or OEM

Antenna Size: 70X44.2mm(±0.2mm) 

Tag Size: 75X50mm(±0.5mm) 

Substrate Substrate: Waterproof & Printable White PET

Antenna Material: aluminum engraved

Appearance Characteristics: transparent, or single-sided color labels

Protocol Standard: ISO 18000-6C & ISO/ICE 14443A

Working Frequency: 860MHZ ~ 960MHZ & 13.0-14.5MHZ

RF Chip: EM4423

Limited Period of Data: reading and writing 100,000 times

Reading and Writing Distance: UHF ≥ 3M (Fixed Reader) & HF ≥ 2.5CM(HUAWEI C199s)

Working Temperature: -25℃ ~ 75℃

Storage Temperature: 0℃ ~ 25℃

Value Added/Features

RFID technology is popularly employed in access control systems to allow only the entry of authenticated and authorized personnel to secure spaces

Track personnel and visitors

Limit access to restricted areas based on role

When the tags are read at the access control points, their data are validated against a database in a centrally controlled security system, and access is either granted or denied


Widely used in commodity anti-counterfeiting, intelligent packaging, warehousing logistics and traceability supervision and other major areas.

Especially used for Admission management of large-scale meetings & event, in order to track entrance & exit and locate the best location/field with hot visit under UHF and NFC technology