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7x24hours Fresh Supermarket Will Apply Unmanned RFID Technology

News posted on: 2018/10/25 3:47:39 - by yoyo - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

7x24hours Fresh Supermarket Will Apply Unmanned RFID Technology

7x24hours Fresh Supermarket Will Apply Unmanned RFID Technology

Unmanned RFID Technology

JD.com offline the fresh supermarket project 7x24hours Fresh will be possible to use a large number of unmanned sales technology .

Reporters learned that, 7x24hours Fresh project in addition to the main business by the JD.com led the operation, but also in the unmanned sales and other cutting-edge technology development and application level "make a difference", the part of the main business by the JD.com X responsible. Due to no mankind, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles and other areas of delivery research and development, application progress, JD.com X business unit earlier raised market concerns.

JD.com said, 7x24hours Fresh fresh supermarket is expected to open at the end of November, the first two stores. Reporters reported earlier 7x24hours Fresh Beijing Wu Cai City store has decorate.

JD.com X Division for the supermarket project, respectively, research and development, design "big shop", "shop" and "smart" solution. JD.com X business stakeholders will call 7x24hours Fresh as no one supermarket "big shop project", but said, 7x24hours Fresh will not do all the unmanned goods.

At the headquarters of the JD.com Group, for the shop, JD.com X Division also out of a 150 square meters of small unmanned supermarket test shop. This is a whole unattended supermarket shop form, operating 200 SKU, including standard and non-standard products fresh.

Reporters recently visited the project to understand JD.com for unmanned supermarket project research and development progress, market significance, and explore 7x24hours Fresh may create value for the market.

·7x24hours Fresh ‘Big shop’ new store concept

According to the definition of JD.com, 7x24hours Fresh RFID Store is a new concept of fresh supermarket, is the "big store concept."

According to the JD.com X business department of the public to explain, its "big shop" designed a number of intelligent applications, as well as the future planning scenarios. Among them, there are two points of concern to reporters, but the reporter is not sure whether these intelligent programs can be opened in the first 7x24hours Fresh two stores reflected in the floor.

First of all, the more interesting is the smart shopping cart project.

Unmanned RFID Technology

Compared to the current entity super-application "mainstream" - push the shopping cart, the smart shopping cart looks like a "robot". It is possible to change the past shopping cart a single "cargo" function attributes, as a shopping guide, "housekeeper", and even promotional tools.

According to JD.com X business department, intelligent shopping cart can achieve two functions.

First, "follow" function.

The liberation of the hands of consumers, consumers do not have to push the cart, and can be set according to the system, so that the cart to follow the consumer. Consumers have to do, only the favorite goods can be placed in the shopping cart. Smart shopping cart can automatically go to the cashier settlement.

If this function can be achieved, landing, in the convenience of shopping will create value, which can help consumers save their energy, do not load the goods. Very suitable for family leisure shopping, let shopping more fun.

Second, "navigation" function.

Consumers can enter the desired shopping on the smart shopping cart, such as peanuts, shopping carts will lead consumers to the display area of such goods, to buy.

If this function can be achieved, also the improvement of the convenience of shopping under rfid technology.

Often there are supermarket shopping experience consumers may face such a problem, looking for goods in the supermarkets, and sometimes need to spend a long time and wasted a lot of physical strength to find the necessary goods. If ask the supermarket staff, because of the store area is too large, and the supermarket has a lot of joint venture manufacturers to send, is not very clear the specific location of goods, consumers sometimes ask 3,4 supermarkets uniforms, may not get the exact answer.

Therefore, if the navigation function to achieve, will be able to save time for consumers, the equivalent of "housekeeper" service.

JD.com X Division for the "big shop" design of another intelligent application program, is trying to store operations, enhance the level of human work to create value.

This program was named "Supermarket Intelligent Warehouse Solution" - the application of intelligent technology and solutions for backdoor, replenishment solutions.

Unmanned RFID Technology

One of the business logic of this program is to JD.com’s warehouse operation advantages, ideas, and the current practice in the application of nobody's level. "Integration" to the store back warehouse environment, to achieve automatic replenishment, "no one" warehouse with the program, as well as enhance the efficiency.

From, you can see JD.com "vision" of the supermarket store operations are modular, process-oriented operation. Planning the warehouse area is still large, a large number of automated equipment introduction. Supermarkets have food and beverage, takeaway business, takeaway exports in the warehouse. Supermarket stores are online and offline integration operations.

Unmanned RFID Technology

·Unmanned Supermarket

In addition to the "big shop program", the reporter also focused on the JD.com headquarters in the unmanned supermarket project, to understand JD.com in the field of unmanned supermarkets will have more value creation, and to explore unmanned supermarket projects in the JD.com future offline supermarket plan possible application.

Compared to the same period in JD.com headquarters opened in JD.com unmanned convenience store project, JD.com unmanned supermarket belongs to the "whole package" program.

JD.com unmanned convenience store to provide a "split" modular technology applications, a variety of technical solutions in a convenience store to show. For example, in the payment process, both to provide a cashier's technical programs, but also provide no cash desk payment program. For the partner "selection".

JD.com no one supermarket is the "whole package" program. For a complete set of supermarket scenarios. Because it is a test shop, the store has no backcourt area, but show the front-end operations.

In simple terms, JD.com no one supermarket is divided into three business processes.

The first is to enter the store link. Technical program for the binding JD.com account brush face to enter.


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