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Advantage Point for the standard of the Internet Of Vehicle

News posted on: 2018/6/22 10:03:55 - by Helen - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Advantage Point for the standard of the Internet Of Vehicle

Advantage Point for the standard of the Internet Of Vehicle

A few days ago, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the state standards committee jointly issued the "guidelines for the construction of the national car networking industry standard system (General requirements)" "guidelines for the construction of national car networking industry standard system (information and communication)" and "guidelines for the construction of national car networking industry standard system (electronic products and services)" (hereinafter referred to as the general name) The guideline is to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the Internet of vehicles industry by strengthening standardization, and accelerate the development of new technologies and businesses such as automatic driving.

It is pointed out in the guide that the Internet industry is based on information and communication technology, and provides comprehensive information services through the full connection and data interaction of the vehicle, car and car, car and road, car and human, car and service platform, and forms a new type of industry with deep integration of automobile, electronic, information and communication, road transportation and transportation. State is the focus of global innovation and the commanding heights of future development. The development of vehicle networking is conducive to the innovation and development of the automobile industry, the construction of a new model of automobile and traffic services, the promotion of the development of auxiliary driving and automatic driving, the improvement of traffic efficiency, the reduction of the incidence of accidents, the saving of resources, the reduction of pollution and the liberation of the productive forces.

In recent years, the Internet industry in China has developed rapidly, and the key technology innovation is accelerating. The construction of test demonstration area has begun to take effect. The integration of innovative ecological system has been formed initially, involving many industries, such as automobile, information and communication, as well as the digital transformation of transportation, vehicle management and other fields. In order to achieve full cooperation and strengthen coordination, it is urgent to establish a cross industry, cross domain, and adapt to China's technological and industrial development needs of the standard system. For this reason, the Ministry of industry and information technology organizes and compacts the National Standardization Management Committee to print the guide.

According to the standardization of the main object and industry attributes, the guide is divided into general requirements, intelligent network, automobile, information and communication, electronic products and services. In the first part of the "guide for construction of the national car network industry standard system construction guide (General requirements)", the main part is to put forward the overall standard system structure and construction content of the car networking industry, guide the overall work of the standardization of the car networking industry, and promote the gradual formation of a unified and coordinated national vehicle network industry standard body. System architecture.

The standard system of intelligent nets is mainly defined as the basic direction of the definition and classification of the intelligent network, and the general direction of human machine interface, function safety and evaluation, such as environmental perception, decision-making early warning, auxiliary control, automatic control, information interaction and other products and technical application related standard direction. According to the method of combining the technical logic structure and the physical structure of the intelligent network, the intelligent network auto standard system framework is defined as the four parts of "basic", "general specification", "product and technology application" and "related standard". At the same time, according to the specific standards, the content range and technical level are in accordance with the specific standards. The four parts are further divided into two sub categories: complete content, reasonable structure and clear demarcation. This part of the content was issued at the end of 2017.

The standard system of information communication is mainly oriented to the standard system design of information and communication technology, network and equipment and application services. It focuses on the research of new generation of information and communication technology such as LTE-V2X, 5G eV2X and so on. It supports the standardization and key direction of the development of the application of the vehicle network. The key standards of information communication in the Internet industry are divided into three levels, namely, perception layer (end), network layer (tube) and application layer (cloud). Based on common basic technology and information and communication security technology, the system structure is divided according to "end tube cloud".

The standard system of electronic products and services is aimed at standardization of automotive electronic products, vehicle information systems, vehicle information services and platforms that support the industrial chain of vehicle networking, and the standardization development direction of electronic products and vehicle information services. The electronic products and services of the Internet of vehicles include basic products, terminals, networks, platforms and services, collecting and acquiring intelligent information of vehicles through basic products and terminals, perceiving and processing traffic status and environment, realizing traffic information, navigation services, entertainment information, safe travel, online business, emission information, and remote information. Control and other aspects of vehicle information service.

The leader of the science and Technology Department of the Ministry of industry and information said that the future guide will give full play to the top level design and the leading role of the standard in the construction of the ecological environment of the Internet of cars, speed up the research and formulation of the common foundation, key technology and the urgent needs of the industry, and intensify the development of the related standards for automatic driving and auxiliary driving. Key technical standards of key technology of vehicle electronic products, key technology standards of wireless communication, LTE-V2X and 5G eV2X for the application of vehicle networking industry, and other key technical standards, such as the national car networking industry standard system, which can meet the needs of China's technology and industry development, meet the development, test, demonstration, operation and so on. The demand for industrial development provides support for building a core technology and open collaborative vehicle networking industry, laying a solid foundation for the development of automatic driving.


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