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Advantages of RFID Technology in Bank Asset Management

News posted on: 2019/6/18 2:06:28 - by Norah - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Advantages of RFID Technology in Bank Asset Management

Advantages of RFID Technology in Bank Asset Management

Commercial banks are increasingly adopting the latest IoT application technology to build their own competitiveness, improve service capabilities and service levels, strengthen compliance risk management, improve operational efficiency, and save costs to improve efficiency. The application of RFID technology to bank asset management has practical advantages.

Using the latest RFID electronic tag identification technology, it can be used for information management of banks, employees, VIP customers, physical assets and document files, including access control security cards, etc., through the transformation or deployment of RFID-enabled management information systems, and Combined with RFID fixed reader and portable handheld RFID reader (UHF handheld), it can collect information such as employees, VIP customers, equipment, documents, files, location, status, etc., timely and accurate information transmission. Give RFID-based back-office business management systems. These can all be achieved through the IoT lab.

File management:

When the account manager makes a loan file, an RFID tag is affixed to the file and the information is written to the RFID tag. When the files are transferred in each position, the RFID readers on each file are identified by the RFID readers of each position, and the tracking status information is recorded. After the file cabinet file, you can use the handheld RFID reader to find and count, which is convenient and quick. The outbound storage and inventory management including the collateral file can also be completely RFID-based, which is faster and more accurate than the traditional barcode, and the inventory can be completed in just a few minutes.

file management

Bill anti-counterfeiting management:

For the important bills of the bank, RFID technology can be used for anti-counterfeiting, and tracking processing is also faster. It is to package an RFID chip when printing bank notes. The corresponding electronic information is read or written to the RFID chip during the issuance of the ticket and the transfer process.

Cash box handover management:

Automatically identify the cash box to prevent handover errors and identify the authenticity of the cash box. The program uses RFID intelligent management methods to control, monitor and record the entire process of escort or collection personnel to collect money. The full cooperation of RFID electronic tags, fixed readers, handheld data acquisition terminals, and bank communication systems is the basis for ensuring the success of this solution. After each business outlet receives the cash box that the escort arrives, the system can automatically check the information and automatically sign. The receipt information will be transmitted to the cash operation management back-end system through the bank's private network in real time, which improves the accuracy and efficiency of the cash box handover.

Treasury management:

The fixed reader/writer is deployed at the key point of the cash box at the entrance of the cash box. The automatic identification of the inbound and outbound warehouses greatly reduces the possibility of human intervention in the circulation link to provide security for cash operations. The use of a handheld terminal in the warehouse allows for easy inventory of the cash drawer.

Personalized customer service:

When the customer enters the bank gate, the RFID reader at the door automatically reads the bank card/credit card or VIP card with the built-in RFID chip that the customer carries with him. This allows the bank account manager to receive the customer's arrival at the first time. Information, scheduling and preparation of personalized services. There is no need to ask the customer whether it is a VIP or not, and which level of VIP, etc., which is annoying to the customer, should not be asked repeatedly.

asset Management:

There are many bank outlets, and it is very difficult to manage the equipment assets. RFID technology is used to attach an RFID electronic tag to each device as the unique identification code of the device, which is convenient for tracking and anti-theft. A fixed-type reader/writer is deployed at the door---the entry automatically recognizes the alarm and provides security for the equipment. The use of handheld terminals in the warehouse allows for easy inventory of equipment inventory. The maintenance personnel hold the RFID terminal to the network inspection equipment. Security and security of IT equipment room equipment. Both can make full use of RFID technology to achieve the need for control.


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