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Analysis of the future development trend of RFID technology!

News posted on: 2019/6/19 2:02:03 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Analysis of the future development trend of RFID technology!

Analysis of the future development trend of RFID technology!

The Internet of Things is another revolution in the information industry following computer, Internet and mobile communications. As one of the important cores of the sensing layer of the Internet of Things, RFID technology promotes the rapid development of the Internet of Things, and at the same time promotes the application development of RFID technology. Analysis of the future development trend of RFID technology!

The Internet of Things industry is listed as an important strategic emerging industry to encourage development, and has created an excellent policy environment for the development of the entire industry of the Internet of Things, from investment and financing systems, taxation, industrial technology, exports, income distribution, talent attraction and training, procurement, Intellectual property protection, industry organization and management have provided policy support for the development of China's Internet of Things industry. As an important part of the Internet of Things industry, the RFID industry also benefits from the strong support of the policy.

the future development trend of RFID technology

RFID is widely used in all aspects of social life, and can be applied in logistics, retail, manufacturing, clothing, medical, identification, anti-counterfeiting, asset management, transportation, food, automotive, military, financial payment and other fields. RFID has a significant effect on improving enterprise operational efficiency and reducing operating costs. Currently, it is rapidly promoted in the fields of financial payment, identification, traffic management and logistics, and is gradually being tried in the fields of retail and clothing, and the downstream application space is huge.

Compared to barcodes, RFID electronic tags that can store information and multi-label simultaneous scanning have technical and functional advantages. But the cost gap has been hindering the popularity of RFID technology. In recent years, with the advancement of technology and the gradual expansion of the scale of applications, the cost of RFID electronic tags has been significantly reduced, which will contribute to the healthy development of the industry.

The inconsistency of standards (especially those defined by data formats) is the primary factor that constrains the development of RFID. Each RFID tag has a unique identification code. If there are many different data formats and are incompatible with each other, different standard RFID products cannot be used universally, which is very unfavorable for the circulation of goods under economic globalization. The issue of standards for data formats relates to the interests and security of individual countries. The United States, Japan, and China have all set their own standards, and many other countries are expected to start to develop their own standards. How to make these standards compatible with each other and make an RFID product smoothly circulate around the world is an important and urgent problem to be solved.

RFID is a technology-intensive industry, and technicians are an important foundation for development. Due to the late start of China's RFID industry, the foundation is relatively weak, and the high-end talents are relatively lacking; the broad market prospects of the industry have attracted a large number of newly joined industrial robot system integration vendors, and the participation of a large number of enterprises has intensified the competition for high-end technical talents.

At present, RFID companies are focusing on RFID tag packaging, and they are still continually optimized in the field of RFID chip design and manufacturing with the highest technical content and added value. The field is still dominated by foreign brands and needs to be imported from foreign countries. The weak chip technology hinders the healthy development of the industry.

The traditional industry in the era of Internet intelligence will accelerate the pace of optimization, which will greatly promote the demand for RFID applications. The application of intelligent technology has begun to empower all walks of life, the industry is accelerating, RFID will better play its characteristics, and the RFID industry chain has been continuously improved. In the future, with the continuous breakthrough of RFID technology, more and more RFID application scenarios will emerge, and data acquisition automation will be realized.


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