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Anti-counterfeiting Traceability has RFID Tags, But What about People?

News posted on: 2019/4/23 2:35:11 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Anti-counterfeiting Traceability has RFID Tags, But What about People?

Anti-counterfeiting Traceability has RFID Tags, But What about People?

Recently, the vaccine incident has set off a circle around us, and the major media are constantly fermenting, and more and more truths have been dug up. Panic, horror, despair, and anger make the whole society smolder.

Anti-counterfeiting Traceability

Technology is not a panacea, but no technology can be traceable to the source.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is now very mature, and the rapid development of blockchains provides a completely new approach to solving the problem of code encoding and tracking.

It is anti-counterfeiting by using the uniqueness of RFID coding and the difficulty of data replication. Compared with other automatic identification technologies, it has small size, large capacity, long life, fast read and write, mobile recognition, multi-target recognition, Good anti-counterfeiting, positioning and long-term tracking management, can achieve item tracking and information sharing on a global scale, and the blockchain can realize the problem that data cannot be changed. With the combination of RFID electronic tags and blockchains, the drug circulation information is recorded, and the smallest unit of the drug is uniquely identified, and the drug traceability system is fully constructed to meet the social quality and safety requirements and realize the full management of the drug from the manufacturer to the consumer monitor. Specific key data for the supply chain can be traced back to the process of the supply chain from the time the drug is shipped, and then to the patient through the retailer or hospital.

Anti-counterfeiting Traceability

In addition, the RFID electronic tag with integrated temperature sensor can not only carry out post-tracking, but also can carry out real-time monitoring and management in the cold chain process, which is one of the important means to ensure the quality of drugs and vaccines.

Anti-counterfeiting Traceability

Technology can solve the problem of traceability, and the blockchain can solve the problem that data cannot be changed, but it cannot solve the problem of data source fraud. The issue of the vaccine incident itself is not a vaccine or a technology, but human beings.


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