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Artificial Intelligence And Big Data

News posted on: 2019/2/18 8:06:20 - by Naomi - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Artificial Intelligence And Big Data

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

The new retail has become a reality from the concept, and behind it is the impetus of the technological revolution. Amazon Go, using artificial intelligence technology such as computer vision, fusion sensor system, biometrics, deep learning, etc., uses a large number of sensors in the store for real-time monitoring, connecting people, goods and scenes through the Internet of Things, without queuing or checkout. The shopping experience has shocked the new retail industry. Domestic retail companies have actively deployed and launched model stores. From the application of embedded RFID, face recognition and other technologies, to drone distribution, intelligent customer service, offline physical retail intelligent product experience, artificial intelligence and big data in the new retail scene application has become more and more popular.

Jingdong Logistics Group was formally established on April 25, 2017. It will open up the infrastructure,management experience and professional technology accumulated over the past ten years to the whole society, and build a smart supply chain value network with partners. In May, we joined hands with Xi'an Aerospace Base to establish a global logistics headquarters. In October, we built the world's first full-process unmanned warehouse and the world's first top-of-the-line luxury warehouse. In December, a new generation of logistics development featuring “3S” – Short-chain, Smartness, and Symbiosis was proposed to open the unbounded logistics prelude.


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