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Bank RFID file management

News posted on: 2019/6/4 2:04:28 - by Norah - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Bank RFID file management

Bank RFID file management

Traditional file management files are stored disorderly, difficult to find, long time for file review, and lagging management of invalid files, etc., which consume a lot of labor and time, resulting in more files being stacked for a long time and not being timely. Organize the archive.

When an external person needs to borrow a file or return a file, the staff member needs to scan the borrowed file through the RFID reading and writing device to enter the information to be registered in the system.

The UHF access control is an illegal outbound alarm function installed in each open door of the archive room. The back-end system enters the file information (number, RFID number, and outbound type) that needs to be in and out of the library, and then reads the tag information in real time through the UHF RFID channel access control, and after verifying with the system data, when the information is not queried, Directly depart the alarm system. At the same time, when the file information is the information already entered in the system, the UHF channel access control will directly submit the time and information of the file entry and exit to the system to achieve the purpose of anti-theft and monitoring.

The intelligent file management of RFID reduces the cumbersome workload originally undertaken by the administrator, and the labor expenditure of the archives is correspondingly reduced, and the cost is reduced. Architects use the time and human resources saved to extend the archives' open hours, for deeper reference work and personalized services, thereby increasing the utilization of archives.


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