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China's RFID industry enters a mature stage of development

News posted on: 2019/6/11 3:22:58 - by Lynne - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

China's RFID industry enters a mature stage of development

China's RFID industry enters a mature stage of development

With the advent of the era of "Internet of Everything", the role and status of RFID technology in the Internet of Things is becoming more and more prominent. The current RFID technology is applied to all aspects of the Internet of Things project, which is the most basic and core of the Internet of Things system. technology.

The industry has entered a stage of mature development, and the industry chain is specialized and large-scale.

Reviewing the development history of China's RFID industry, with the joint efforts of the Chinese government, industry organizations and enterprises, through the construction of the National Informatization Major Project (Golden Card Project), many industries have been piloted to carry out RFID application pilots and cultivate the market. In 2010, after the development of the Internet of Things was formally included in the national development strategy, China's RFID and IoT industries ushered in a rare development opportunity.

From the time point of view, China's RFID industry development generally needs to go through four stages: the incubation period before 2006, the 2006-2010 early stage, the 2011-2015 high-speed growth stage, and the mature period after 2015.

At present, China's RFID industry has formed a complete upstream and downstream industry chain, which is mainly composed of four sectors: label and packaging, reading and writing instruments, system integration and software. The label and package panel includes three small sections: label chip design and manufacture, antenna design and manufacturing, and label packaging technology and equipment. The reader and reader board is designed and manufactured by the reader module, and the reader antenna is designed and manufactured. The reader is designed and manufactured.

In the RFID industry chain, the division of integrated circuit chip design, manufacturing and contactless smart card (including electronic tag) packaging is very clear, respectively, by professional integrated circuit chip designers, integrated circuit chip manufacturers and contactless smart cards (including The electronic label) package manufacturing company is completed independently. Integrated circuit chip design, integrated circuit chip manufacturing, and contactless smart card (including electronic tag) packaging are specialized and large-scale.

With the maturity and popularity of RFID technology, the Chinese government has realized that the application of RFID technology will bring positive effects to the development of many industries, and accelerate the pace of formulating relevant policies and promoting the development of the RFID industry. In recent years, China's relevant government departments have continued to increase their policy support for RFID, creating a good environment for the development of RFID. With the further maturity of technology and the further reduction of costs, the application of RFID in China has gradually spread from government-led projects to various industries.


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