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Choosing the Right RFID Inlays for Retail

News posted on: 2019/6/5 2:00:36 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Choosing the Right RFID Inlays for Retail

Choosing the Right RFID Inlays for Retail

There are many application methods for using RFID tags in retail, but one of the most common involves putting the inlays in apparel hang tags or labels. The best RFID inlays will be small enough to fit discretely onto these hang tags, while also still being powerful enough to have a long read range for maximum inventory accuracy. Because it’s ideal for retailers to minimize the number of different-sized inlays they must use in their deployment, it’s best to use RFID tags that can be implemented properly into any standard size hang tag.

While RFID is being adopted heavily by clothing and apparel companies, retail is certainly not the only industry that uses it. RFID technology is implemented in manufacturing, healthcare, construction, ID systems, payment and many other applications. This means that there may be RFID providers who offer retail solutions but have not extensively tested their technology in a real-world retail environment. RFID tags have been thoroughly tested to provide accurate inventory management in very specific retail applications, such as on cardstock hang tags, different types of poly bags, and within stacked denim jeans.

One of the most important aspects of a good RFID tag involves the quality of the RFID chip within it. RFID inlays make use of the best ICs on the market from top manufacturers such as NXP, Impinj and Alien. These different ICs have different functions, features and memory capacities, which has allowed us to create a wide range of RFID inlays that provide our customers with a great selection to choose from when it comes to fulfilling the needs of their unique applications.


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