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Control area traffic management system based on RFID card and face recognition

News posted on: 2018/9/4 6:58:41 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Control area traffic management system based on RFID card and face recognition

Control area traffic management system based on RFID card and face recognition

Intelligent Transportation (ITS) is the development direction of future traffic system. It integrates advanced information technology, data communication transmission technology, electronic sensing technology, control technology and computer technology into the whole ground traffic management system, and establishes a real-time and accurate system which plays an important role in a wide range and in an all-round way. A comprehensive and effective transportation management system.   

RFID is an advanced information acquisition and recognition technology, which can identify specific targets by radio signals and read and write related data without establishing mechanical or optical contact between the recognition system and specific targets. RFID is more and more applied to the field of urban traffic management because of its advantages such as long reading distance, high precision, strong anti-interference ability and strong environmental adaptability.

Control area traffic management system based on RFID card and face recognition

Intelligent bus          
Intelligent public transport through RFID, sensor technology, can be real-time understanding of the bus location, curve and route reminders and other functions. At the same time, combined with the operation characteristics of public transport, through the intelligent dispatching system, the route and vehicle can be planned and dispatched to achieve intelligent scheduling.           

RFID electric bicycle           
RFID technology is used to strengthen the management of urban electric bicycle, and realize the functions of license plate, surveillance, theft-proof, insurance and claim settlement of electric bicycle, so as to achieve the purpose of traffic management of urban electric bicycle and the protection of owners'interests.       

RFID application of vehicle interconnection           
Advanced sensors, RFID and camera can be used to collect the information about the environment around the vehicle and the vehicle itself, and transmit the data to the on-board system, so as to realize the real-time monitoring of the running state of the vehicle, including fuel consumption, vehicle speed, tire pressure, tire temperature and so on. 

Intelligent parking, high speed and no sense charging           
In May 2018, the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration and the National Standards Committee issued a series of national standards on electronic fees for parking lots. In the future, ETC equipped vehicles in and out of the parking lot, no need to stop to pick up cards, swipe cards or cash payment, "difficult parking, slow payment" problem will be alleviated. This means that in the future ETC will allow you to get out of the parking lot, onto the freeway, and further extend the payment scenario. 

Control area traffic management system based on RFID card and face recognition

Real time monitoring and management of urban traffic           
Intelligent Transportation Integrated Platform can realize real-time traffic flow monitoring, intelligent statistics of traffic information, traffic information mining and large data processing functions, as well as regional and time-sharing congestion charges and traffic congestion restrictions and other applications based on the urban traffic data collected by RFID technology. The traffic data after large data processing can be used as traffic data. Data support for urban traffic congestion prediction and traffic planning. 

Monitoring of environmental protection for vehicles          
The vehicle electronic identification system based on RFID technology can real-time and accurately monitor the vehicle yellow-green mark information and vehicle exhaust emissions, and realize the electronic management of vehicle environmental protection yellow-green mark information, vehicle exhaust emission monitoring, regional limit supervision of over-standard vehicles.  

Ensuring urban vehicle safety           
Based on RFID technology, a perfect security system for anti-cloning, anti-counterfeiting, anti-tampering and anti-illegal reading has been formed to ensure the unique correspondence between vehicle and vehicle electronic identification. It can be widely used in the detection and control of illegal vehicles, such as stealing and robbing vehicles, counterfeit decks, vehicle trajectory tracking and backtracking, regional traffic dynamic control and other vehicle-related security management applications. It will enhance the capacity of vehicle retort and more accurately combat all kinds of illegal activities involving vehicles.  

Optimizing vehicle operation management           
Based on RFID technology, automobile electronic identification can realize the qualification management of urban taxi and other operating vehicles, the priority management of bus signals, and the electronic levy and inspection of road and bridge fees. By reading the vehicle use information stored in the vehicle electronic identification, traffic supervision departments can implement targeted traffic operation management for vehicles of different uses, such as buses, school buses and operating vehicles. At the same time, the vehicle electronic identification system based on RFID technology can accurately check the vehicle payment information, realize the electronic inspection of vehicle-related fees, and improve the collection rate of various types of vehicle-related fees.

Control area traffic management system based on RFID card and face recognition

Other industries involved in vehicle applications           
In addition, automotive electronic identification based on RFID technology can also be extended to co-operate with insurance, banking and other industries, driving the development of a variety of car-related industries, such as the expansion of small-scale car-related payment services such as refueling, maintenance, maintenance, parking intelligent management, and automotive financial mortgage management, thereby upgrading the city car-related industry. Information development.   

RFID technology has a variety of applications in urban traffic, which can promote the informationization, intellectualization and humanization of urban traffic supervision, enhance the supervision of relevant departments on urban traffic, and promote urban traffic safety and orderly. With the continuous promotion of automobile electronic identification based on RFID technology, the role of RFID technology in urban traffic will be more important.


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