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China will cancel nucleic acid tests and quarantine for all travelers and resume outbound travel in an orderly manner from January 8, officials said

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China will cancel nucleic acid tests and quarantine for all travelers and resume outbound travel in an orderly manner from January 8, officials said

Under the joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, the Notice on issuing the overall Plan for Implementing Class B and B Tubes for novel Coronavirus Infection was issued on December 26. The notice requires that Class B and B tubes should be implemented for novel coronavirus infection from January 8, 2023. In accordance with the Law on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, people infected with the novel coronavirus will no longer be isolated and their close contacts will no longer be identified. No longer delineate high and low risk zones; We will provide classified treatment for COVID-19 patients and timely adjust medical care policies. The detection policy is adjusted to "willing to complete the inspection"; We will adjust the frequency and content of epidemic information release. In accordance with the Frontier Health and Quarantine Law, no quarantinable infectious disease control measures shall be taken against entry persons and goods.


Q: What improvements have been made to the management of personnel exchanges between China and other countries in the Master Plan?

A: According to the requirements of the General Plan, first, people coming to China should undergo nucleic acid test 48 hours before their departure. Those with negative results can come to China without applying for a health code from China's diplomatic and consular missions, and fill in the results on the Customs health declaration card. If positive, relevant personnel should come to China after turning negative. Second, the abolition of nucleic acid testing and centralized isolation of all personnel upon entry. If the health declaration is normal and the customs port routine quarantine is not abnormal, can be released into the community. Third, the number of international passenger flights will be lifted, including the "five-one" policy and the passenger load factor limit. Fourth, airlines will continue to prevent disease on board, and passengers must wear masks when flying. Fifth, we will further optimize arrangements for foreign nationals returning to China for work, business, study, family visits and reunions, and provide visa facilities accordingly. The entry and exit of passenger transport by water and land ports will be gradually resumed. China will resume outbound tourism in an orderly manner in light of the international epidemic situation and the service support capacity of all sectors.

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