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XMINNOV Will Attend Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2023 Booth 20

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XMINNOV Will Attend Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2023 Booth 20

XMINNOV Booth Number : 20

Xminnov locates in Xiamen China, provides OEM, ODM one stop service for RFID security applications with our own patents. Business covers RFID tags, RFID readers and application management system, especially RFID destructive Check On Removal anti-tamper tags which are widely used for security identification such as vehicle license, ETC ,brand protection, item packaging seal etc.

XMINNOV will attend the Wireless IoT Tomorrow 2023 and demonstrate more advantage product and discuss & settle the customer solution problem on security and anti-counterfeit together with friend all over the world. Believe XMINNOV will bring you a perfect solution with our advantage and innovation.

The main theme of this exhibition is Security, Safety, Efficiency, Automation. The following are some of the theme products that will participate in this exhibition.


Security seals are often used for anti-thief purpose such as meter label seals, wire seal, padlock seal, those are used in supply chain, Logistics, Transportation, Electric Meter Management and other fields.

Security Cable Wire Seal RFID SEAL TAG     UHF Tamper Detection Wire Seal Tag   NFC LOCK Padlock


Sensor Labels are many used in Cold Chain, Fresh Chain, Logistics, Health Care & Hospital, etc, especially for quality management.

Printable VBL Temperature Monitoring Tag         Temperature Measure NFC Card   Temperature Sensor Tag For Medical Blood Bag Management


Bluetooth Active Led Tag widely used in Smart Warehouse for product location,tracking & positioning

Bluetooth Active Led Tag       Bluetooth Active Led Label

Reduces inventory management handling costs & improve inventory turns. Widely used for documents management, locating objects quickly.

UHF Printable Passive LED Tag    LED light-emitting card for asset management   UHF RFID Tag With LED Light


On-Metal Label Many used in Automated Industrial Metal Asset Tracking,including Gas Cylinder,Auto Parts, Battery, Passport, etc.

UHF Detection Sensor On Metal Use Adhesive Sticker      On Metal Use ABS Plastic UHF Hard Tag      Through-hole On Metal Multimedium UHF RFID Flag Tag

If your company are considering to implementing RFID solution, our experienced team will support you on the project , welcome for your inquiries.If you have any questions, you can discuss them with us in detail at the exhibition Booth 20.