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Express and Cold Chain Helps Consumers Upgrade

News posted on: 2019/5/17 2:08:18 - by - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Express and Cold Chain Helps Consumers Upgrade

Express and Cold Chain Helps Consumers Upgrade

What extent does foreign cold chain logistics develop?

The development of cold chain logistics in developed countries such as Japan, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada is already very mature. Before the development of e-commerce, the existing cold chain logistics has been refined and the national standards have been strictly enforced. The booming development has supported offline cold chain logistics, which in turn has promoted the progress of e-commerce.

The screening, grading, rinsing, pre-processing, packaging, pre-cooling, refrigerating, transporting and selling cold chain fresh-keeping of Japanese vegetables and fruits have long been carried out. Studies on related cold chains have also continued to improve, such as the temperature control and humidity management in transportation, the establishment of low-temperature circulation facilities, and the development of cold chain machinery. The Low-temperature Circulation Promotion Association, led by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, has formulated industry management methods and plans for the future, and also stipulated the strict temperature environment for food circulation at low temperatures to further improve the cold chain preservation technology for fresh foods.

The U.S. has established a cold chain circulation system for vegetables, and established a traceability system and full-range cold chain distribution on a relatively complete national vegetables production division system. 

98% of fresh agricultural products in Germany are from the origin to the processing plant to the sales outlets. They are all in the required temperature environment. The main refrigeration equipment in the cold storage is completely controlled by computers. 100% of fresh fruits and vegetables are graded and packaged. All fresh meat in the market is placed in the corresponding strictly refrigerated temperature environment.

Canada first built a comprehensive and efficient cold chain logistics system that is organically combined by air transport, land, rail, and waterways. The overall planning, organization, and coordination of various carrier resources are highly developed. It forms agricultural products cold chain logistics network. In the whole process of cold chain logistics of agricultural products, low temperature control was achieved, which minimized the loss of agricultural products during storage and transportation, and effectively reduced the pollution caused thereby. The network ensures that the loss of fruits and vegetables in Canada is controlled within 5% through modern means and its logistics cost is less than 30%.

In terms of pharmaceutical cold-chain logistics, the U.S., U.K. and Japan IOT technologies have a high application rate. The United States applies RFID and GPS equipped with a temperature control system to monitor the medical temperature in real time through automatic temperature control and temperature monitoring, and maintain the temperature of medical refrigerated transportation within the range of 2-8°C to ensure the temperature of vaccines, biological agents and other medicines in the cold chain transportation process. At the same time, the United States has the world's most advanced "three-stage" refrigerated transport vehicle, which can simultaneously meet the temperature requirements of three different types of refrigerated pharmaceutical products. The British C.R. England cold chain service transportation company also has advanced auxiliary technologies such as electronic data exchange, satellite positioning system, and remote control platform. It also provides cold chain GPS positioning, network tracking equipment and network billing functions for each cold chain vehicle. Real-time tracking of the transport information of each cold chain vehicle, so that it is well documented to ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceutical cold chain transportation process. Japan also has the most advanced bar code technology and temperature sensor technology that can monitor pharmaceutical cold chain logistics service quality in real time. At the same time, Japan has also introduced an on-board map system to plan logistics distribution routes for pharmaceutical cold chain delivery vehicles, greatly reducing the time spent on logistics, and achieving higher pharmaceutical cold chain logistics distribution efficiency.


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