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Handheld Readers

News posted on: 2018/6/6 10:18:10 - by Lynne - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Handheld Readers

Handheld Readers

Recently, RFID has exposed a new 2.45 Ghz Android Handheld Reader which has predominant characters and capacities to cope with exceptional situations. RFID which has exported a quantity of productions to the major regions of the world and benefited millions of people is the leading RFID manufacturer with top technique and years of experiences.

Without doubt, the new 2.45 Ghz Android Handheld Reader is regarded as one of the brightest rising stars. Working at 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz, it has outstanding performance in many aspects, especially reading distance. It can even read up to 20m which is adjustable through corresponding software. Being much wider than the other handheld active readers, this figure makes 2.45 Ghz Android Handheld Reader outshine the rest. 

Furthermore, the reader is able to resist harsh environment owing to the wide temperature range from -20 ~ +50 Degrees Celsius. Thus, it is no problem even if users apply this 2.45 Ghz Android Handheld Reader to outdoor. On the other hand, the readers are competent at reading up to 20 pieces of tags simultaneously. Accordantly, large volumes of data processing will be an easy task for 2.45 Ghz Android Handheld Reader. Moreover, the reader supports the operating system of latest Android OS while other systems (Windows, Linux, Apple) are available for customization. This humanized service provides enough options for customers to match different conditions. On account of such many advantages, 2.45 Ghz Android Handheld Reader comes into widespread use in terms of warehousing logistics, livestock tracking, and asset tracking and management.


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