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How RFID technology adds brilliance to power asset management

News posted on: 2019/6/10 6:22:47 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

How RFID technology adds brilliance to power asset management

How RFID technology adds brilliance to power asset management

With the improvement of the living standards of residents and the diversification of living appliances, the demand of the power market will put forward higher requirements for grid company asset management, and ensure the full life cycle management of power assets. To make it more suitable for the needs of modern urban power, and thus continuously optimize the construction of an integrated platform for asset life cycle management. RFID technology is used for non-contact, long-distance, automatic collection of information to achieve timely delivery and feedback of asset change information, enabling real-time transmission of data processing at all stages of the life cycle of the power assets and on-site physical information. RFID technology will add brilliance to the management of power asset equipment, allowing asset lifecycle management to be visualized and informatized!

RFID power asset management:

1. Full management of the asset life cycle, strict control of all links

2. Timely warning and comprehensive monitoring

3, personalized definition

4, using advanced RFID technology, professional and accurate data statistics

5, management to the post, responsibility to people, powers and responsibilities more clear

6, support multi-organization system, centralized management

Equipment inspection and maintenance, fixed asset inventory and asset lifecycle tracking management, RFID technology will provide better information collection, real-time understanding of equipment inspection, maintenance, operation status, timely detection of hidden dangers in advance to avoid hidden dangers Failure to cause a greater loss. After the inspection personnel discover the hidden dangers of the equipment, they need to report the relevant situation in a timely, accurate, clear and complete manner. The relevant departments will organize the maintenance personnel to go to the maintenance according to the information provided in the report to eliminate the hidden danger.

Grid asset tracking management uses RFID handheld acquisition terminal to collect information on the physical identification of the site. The RFID handheld acquisition terminal is designed to have anti-interference, read/write distance, stability and reliability. RFID technology provides automatic collection of information on grid asset security management, binding of power asset information through RFID electronic tags, storage of RFID electronic tag information by RFID read-write acquisition devices, contact-free batch reading and data transfer. The daily operation and maintenance of RFID electronic tag data, realize the dynamic tracking management of equipment, eliminate the difficulties, blind spots and obstacles of asset management, realize the precise positioning management of asset equipment, and its application in asset management field will have very good prospects. And thus bring high efficiency and economic benefits.

In the management of power equipment assets, RFID automatic identification technology plays a very important role in fixed asset management, asset life cycle tracking and equipment inspection and maintenance. The work efficiency is greatly improved, the labor cost is saved, and various errors in the inventory are avoided. RFID technology more accurately understands the stock and distribution of fixed assets.


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