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RFID Knowledges

How RFID used for gas, chemical....

News posted on: 2018/5/31 9:55:56 - by Lynne - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

How RFID used for gas, chemical....

How RFID used for gas, chemical....

Companies in the oil and gas, chemical, mining, construction, manufacturing and energy industries are using RFID technologies to improve operational safety and efficiency, as well as financial results. In this virtual event, learn how the technology can be used for asset tracking, personnel safety and equipment maintenance, as well as to speed up production and shipping processes in harsh and complex environments. For Manufacturing and Harsh Environments, how to choose the right RFID Technology for them? One of the largest oilfield services companies, which provide technologies and services for formation evaluation, well construction, completion, stimulation and production, has expanded its existing RFID technology programs to manage the operation of downhole tools during the hydraulic fracturing and stimulation processes. The firm is integrating LF RFID readers in its downhole tools and tags are pumped into wells to trigger such actions as closing or opening valves to control the flow of fluids. Learn how the system reduces operational costs and risk by cutting the amount of time, surface equipment and personnel required to achieve the drilling, completion and stimulation of a well in an ultra-high cost environment. How to use the RFID Strategies and Best Practices for End Users in the Energy Industry? Despite its potential for driving business value, RFID creates significant demands on an organization. Learn how to minimize risks while increasing the likelihood of a well-executed project. From early-stage analysis through implementation, there are tools and methods that every corporate IT or project manager can use to ensure success.

In order to deploy a successful RFID solution in harsh environments requires specific knowledge and considerations that can only be gained through extensive field application experience. Omni-ID will share the learning it has gleaned from deploying millions of tags for some of the largest energy and industrial manufacturing companies in the world. From the Middle East to the North Sea, Omni-ID's expertise has been sought to implement solutions across diverse environments—each with its own set of challenges. From passive RFID to active RFID to utilizing drones, Omni-ID's Ed Nabrotzky will share the experiences gained on the front lines deploying harsh-environment solutions.


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