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How to Choose RFID Antennas in Project Applications?

News posted on: 2019/4/17 1:28:26 - by Lynne - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

How to Choose RFID Antennas in Project Applications?

How to Choose RFID Antennas in Project Applications?

1. In the warehousing and logistics library management will use the access control system, the functions that need to be realized are the entry and exit inventory, theft prevention, regional positioning, etc. The most common problem in the project is misunderstanding, the access control installation is at the door, and the warehouse inside the shelf. The distance from the door is about one meter. Usually the antenna will read the label on the shelf. In similar projects, the selected antenna must be a circularly polarized narrow beam antenna. Because the label direction is messy, the antenna is very polarized. Then the narrow beam antenna, because the management of the door is as narrow as possible on the left and right sides, so that it can ensure that the label inside the warehouse is not misread. The common antenna can read at a distance of 3 meters under the same power. The tag is taken, and the narrow-wave antenna can be controlled to read from the periphery within 1 meter. The narrow-wave antenna has the advantages of narrow horizontal beam and wide vertical beam, so that the cargo stack can be recognized normally, and the error is well solved. Read, string read and other issues.

2. In the production line management of the vehicle, the adjacent tag string reading is often encountered. In the similar project, the label installation direction is basically the same, so the linearly polarized antenna, the linearly polarized antenna E or H beam can be selected. The angle can be 30 degrees, so the radiation is very narrow, which solves the problem of adjacent tag string reading.

3. In the file management, usually need to identify how many files in a cabinet, or to accurately determine how many copies of each layer, the thickness of the portfolio is basically inconsistent, there are some files with less paper is very Thin, the thickness may be only 1-2MM. In this case, we should choose the label with good stacking performance. When the two labels are adjacent, the performance will be very poor. It is due to the coupling between the label antennas. The label band has changed dramatically. The second is to choose an antenna with a very uniform field. Many users think that the file and reader antenna should be close to the near field antenna. In fact, this is not the case. The far field antenna should be used as the near field because In many file management projects, the antenna is installed inside or below the cabinet. The distance to be identified is about 15-30CM. The normal near-field antenna can be identified as the longest at the maximum power of the reader, which is 30CM. In a good case, there is no margin in use, and there is not enough energy to supplement the energy lost by the label in the accumulation.


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