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XMINNOV events summary in 2015

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XMINNOV events summary in 2015

This is our second time to attend RFID Journal exhibition, together with VB Labs,Silterra, CISC, IRIS etc reach agreement of global strategic cooperation alliance, offer one stop of security application solution, relates to all electronic toll collection to e-government fiscal, payment and public and     private mobility application.

RFID Partners.jpg

More than half a year of development , corporate micro signal wechat formally launched that is not normal wechat official website, its aim is to help enterprises establish IT information connection with staffs, partners ,improve information communication and coordination efficiency. Details include rfid tag options ( check rfid tag specifications ), customized tag (sumbit requests ),IC chips query ( check chips information ) etc ,the same time every week regularly publish rfid industry small scientific knowledge ,share industry value. 

XMINNOV Wechat service.png

The eighth RFID world annual most influential selection activities by international trade and networking applications .In this activity authorized one of the efficient rfid tag industry in China , the same time vehicle rfid none transfer tamper proof lamp head tag is one of the ten most innovative products.

RFID Tag Label Line Prize Cup.jpg

XMINNOV attended the7th 2015 China (Shenzhen) International Internet Of Things successfully, this is our fifth year, each year there are so many foreigners came to visit our booth,and we got new business.

2015  the7th 2015 China (Shenzhen) International Internet Of Things.jpg

XMINNOV works with SUSTC laboratory to set up a “All interconnected and intelligent systems laboratory”, and jointly promote the RFID data collection technology and intelligent control system interoperability. (Note: SUSTC specializes in the research of “big data and virtual reality”area.

XMINNOV works with SUSTC laboratory.jpg

XMINOV enables professional large anechoic chamber (10m x 3m x 3m), uses CISC Xplorer Tester equipment which imported from Switzerland, with other related instruments and facilities for all production lines, to make the overall optimization of all control system and fully grading of quality control system. Meanwhile, with EPC GLOBAL standard, we update GEN2 V1 to GEN2 V2 with our more than 30 RFID automated coding machines line and product inspection equipments.

On the other hand, because of new requirements of UHF tag conformance, we use equivalent method curve “Performance Graphic” control principle, changed “Single Point Control” into “Three Point Control” to enhance the level of quality. Also upgraded the automatic encoding detection system to make the RFID tags fully meets the needs of practical applications. At the same time, we extended automatic matching and filtering level function, greatly enhance the RFID tag controlling quality level.

RFID Test equipment and anechoic chamber.jpg

RFID HF UHF micro pocket reader compatibility improved significantly after the audio communication fully optimized algorithm, support more than 85% smart phone in the market, included Android and IOS OS. HF micro reader increases more than 29 brands, up to 735 kinds of models, such as Samsung GT-18190, HTC ADR6325 etc. UHF micro reader (RU01) increases more than 51 mobile phone brands, up to 217 kinds of model. By upgrading HF / UHF Reader micro pocket reader, its compatible models have more choices.

RFID HF UHF Audio Jack Reader.jpg

China's first launching NFC tamper proof & tamper detection tag, this series tags have the feature of completely anti-counterfeit irreversible, security Traceability and aftermarket maintenance, preventing chip recycling etc. Completely solve the current problems of traditional anti-counterfeiting RFID tags, are widely used in various types of security traceability project applications, such as alcohol security, food security traceability, jewelry asset management, drug security, high-end works of art, to better promote RFID project and in conjunction with the industry.

RFID HF NFC Tamper Detection tag label.jpg

Our company independent and research RFID HF Fragile obtain the first foreign country patent successfully. The south Korean intellectual property office award us the Korea invention patent(Patent No.:10-1576841). The patent license to get the product into the Korea market, It marked our company move a strong step to the world market.

Anti-counterfeiting non-transfer RFID tag label patent in Korea.jpg

 XMINNOV has been designated as “2015 Xiamen innovative pilot enterprises”, is the great recognition for innovation Culture and achievements,this is A innovation certification from Xiamen Goverment.

A innovation certification from Xiamen Goverment.jpg

This Year, we launched New product “Micro-payment ear jack reader. This product has small performance, good function, It can used by connected the IOS, Android smartphone system through the 3.5mm ear jack interface. It has such characteristic like easy for used, light for carry, low power dissipation, have inside rechargeable battery. It’s the non-contact chip card read-write device, support all the APDU instruction and all kinds of CPU card(EX: Bank card, ETC card, transportation card etc.) Also can application in checking the small amout bank account balance, Checking ETC card circle of deposite. Checking transportation card circle of deposite etc.

Mirco-pament NFC audio jack reader.png

The expect of 2016: 2016 is coming soon, everything will have new start such as the spring season. 2015 our company full of passion and have the havest gain. We need to let it go.2016,We full of enthusiasm and our one dreams ready for action, Let us have good status to fight for our wonderful future! Everybody please give us your best wishes!!