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XMINNOV LED tag won the "2021 IoT Star" award

News posted on: 2022/4/1 15:29:00 - by qingbin - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

XMINNOV LED tag won the "2021 IoT Star" award

On March 16, 2022, the "2021 Internet of Things Star" China Internet of Things industry annual selection results were officially announced.


This year's "Star of the Internet of Things" is jointly sponsored by the Internet of Things Media, AIoT Star Map, Yixin Zhilian, and the member units of the Internet of Things China Association. Since its launch in December 2021, the Star of the Internet of Things has attracted 500 people. +Excellent companies in the entire IoT industry chain participated in the selection, and 800+ industry expert judges participated in the voting, and the popularity warmed up more than 130w person-times.

XMINNOV won the

XMINNOV finally stood out from the participating companies and won the 2021 "Internet of Things Star" annual selection (RFID) industry's most influential innovative product-electronic label award.

The company's award-winning highlights:

This series of luminous tags is based on the traditional RFID tags with the addition of LED light reminder function, so as to quickly locate and find specified items in the management of warehouses, files and other items.

➣ Support to light up the specified label, quickly locate the target item, and improve the efficiency of finding objects.

➣ The label is thin and flat, flexible and printable

➣ Support personalized printing & printing and coding

LED Reminder Document Management RFID UHF Printable Passive LED Tag

About IoT Star:

The selection of "Star of the Internet of Things" started in 2008. After 14 years of development and precipitation, it has the characteristics of impartiality and authority, high gold content, large scale and great influence. It is not only a grand and influential pure public welfare selection activity in China's Internet of Things industry, but its authority and objectivity are highly praised and generally recognized by people in the industry, and it is known as the Oscars of China's Internet of Things industry.


Fair authority:

1. Bring together 800+ IoT enterprise CXOs, experts and professors, investment institution partners and other professional judges;

2. According to the field of the judges, the precise awards are aimed at, and professional people select the professional awards;

3. The award-winning results will be completely judged by professional judges, and the number of votes will be disclosed in real time, preventing online vote swiping.

On a grand scale:

1.500+ mature IoT companies will participate in the election;

2. Covering various mainstream technologies and mainstream application fields in the entire IoT industry chain covering the perception layer, transmission layer, platform layer and application layer.

High gold content:

1. Microsoft, Huawei, Arm, Ali, ZTE, Baidu, China Mobile, China Unicom, Telecom, Bosch, STMicroelectronics, TE and other domestic and foreign Internet of Things giants can participate in the election;

2. Quectel, Youfang, Yuanwanggu, Xintian Technology, Gosuncn, Aerospace Information, Heertai, iSoftStone, Meg, U-Xunda, Tongzhou Electronics, Guanghetong, Fudan Micro, etc. The head of a listed company PK on the same stage;

3. The award-winning companies have had a number of financing cases, which are widely recognized by capital.

Great influence:

1. Hundreds of media tracking reports;

2. Thousands of CXOs in the IoT industry witnessed the awards;

3. Included in the annual reports of many listed companies.

Announcement of selection results and awards:

1. After the selection, the selection results will be announced simultaneously on the selection page, the Internet of Things World Network, RFID World Network and other websites and the public account of the Internet of Things Media.


2. Each award adopts the method of certificate + trophy, and awards corresponding awards to the winning companies.

The "Star of the Internet of Things" award ceremony will be held at the 2022 AIoT Star Map Conference (Location: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, time to be determined). Experts and other high-level leaders in the Internet of Things field will attend, and representatives from leading companies in the Internet of Things industry and representatives of top emerging companies will give keynote speeches on the hot topics of the Internet of Things industry. The IOTE 2022 17th International Internet of Things Exhibition (Shanghai Station), which will be held concurrently, will also bring together more than 350 exhibitors and more than 50,000 professional integrators from industries, logistics, infrastructure, smart cities, smart retail and other fields. End users visit the exhibition to build a large-scale supply and demand exchange platform for the Internet of Things industry.

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