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Mininum RFID HF Coin Tag Was Made By Xminnov

News posted on: 2015/7/2 17:17:59 - by John Lee - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Mininum RFID HF Coin Tag Was Made By Xminnov

"Micro" is a major trend in the development of modern science and technology, then fragile electronic label minimum energy how small it? Recently, China's fragile standard leading brand of Xiamen inuoer Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. launched a comparable to the size of the dime HF anti tear fragile electronic label redefines the this concept.

As brittle label industry segments of the market leader, British Noor HF tear proof fragile electronic label has been using aluminum etched antenna technology to ensure stable product performance and consistency, also unceasingly to upgrade research and development new technology excellence. Is introduced as the industry's smallest HF fragile anti tear tag antenna size specification only for 10*17mm, about 1 coins in the size of the 1 corner.

Inuoer HF ripstop fragile tag size measurement

The label although the size is very small, but the process is extremely sophisticated, a wide antenna line spacing has been done 0.1mm (if not clear 0.1mm is fine, you can imagine with hair like fine), the error values accurate to 0.02 mm. The tag based on the HF band, due to the higher security of UHF, combined with the mobile phone NFC function is more suitable for the security of goods traceability.

Inuoer HF ripstop fragile tag and 1 dime contrast

Inuoer electronic marketing manager Xie Lifei said "this is quickly broken standard is expected to have good performance in the field of some labeling requirements for small size." At the same time, he also told reporters: "HF fragile object to do so small, very difficult. Before others can only be used to do, and we can now use aluminum to achieve, and the line width is very high accuracy, which is as thin as the wire and hair. At the same time, British Noor all tags have according to the requirements of customers personalized writing data to printed surface variation of two-dimensional code, ID number. "

Inuoer electronic in the fragile label technology on the accumulation of deep, whether it is fragile label, read performance, antenna line distance accuracy, overall cost control, has reached a industry leading level. Especially to alcohol after the rise of the representative of the food and drug market tracing, the British Noor fragile subject to huge amount of application and good application effect, gradually in the market determined the leading brand position. This small size HF tear proof the launch of fragile electronic label, show the inuoer electronic represented domestic fragile tag technology, but also means that the fragile electronic tags can be applicable scope will be further widely.


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