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Comparison of NFC mobile payment Barcode QR code VS NFC pay

News posted on: 2017/8/16 7:30:38 - by yoyo - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Comparison of NFC mobile payment Barcode QR code VS NFC pay

Mobile payment is a gold business, everyone wants to take this entrance. In recent years, the two-dimensional code(Barcode) and the NFC dispute has been constant, in the country, the development of two-dimensional code can be described as sailing, especially after climbing the WeChat and Alipay. The development of NFC, the industry with the most words is "tragic" to not only describe the industry chain, but also the lack of killer applications.

The market of the two-dimensional code has a great replacement of NFC payment that is new payment trend. In March 16, 2014 the central bank has stopped the two-dimensional code as a payment after the face-to-face business urgency, making the NFC's attention has been raised again. Two-dimensional code and NFC seem to have been opposed to exist. As the two payment methods of mobile payment, two-dimensional code and NFC which is better? How is the future competing in current situation? 



Two-dimensional code and NFC are hard to decide to pros and cons

On the security level, two-dimensional code is easy to copy, and lack of uniqueness. The NFC has many advantages in technology, safe and reliable, will not get the user's private information exposed. In the payment experience, NFC is also more convenient than the two-dimensional code.

But NFC also has a fatal drawback is that the entire payment system to build a higher cost, at least need to support the shopping mall POS terminal NFC function, and the promotion of two-dimensional code scanning manufacturers are now doing a good job, the business basically do not need to re-purchase equipment. And aside from the technical level, in the Alipay and WeChat line war, the experience of the two-dimensional code payment has been very good. Supermarket payment, exhaled applications, pick out two-dimensional code, supermarket barcode scan for payment. Generally driblet, do not need to enter the password again while account is bundled.

Two-dimensional code and NFC dominant party is evenly matched

Leveraged WeChat and pay treasure, the two-dimensional code to pay in the development of the country in full swing, Mr.Ma/Tencent is also shouted the "two-dimensional code will become the future of the mobile Internet, an important entry" slogan. Since March 2014, Central bank have a reason of the two-dimensional code as security doubt which need to wait for security verification, the joint Ministry of Industry and the suspension of Alipay online two-dimensional code payment service, the two-dimensional code payment in the market died down. But last fall, Alipay, WeChat is running their major payment out of two-dimensional code very well, and currently they are accelerate the full country to roll out. Not only pay treasure, WeChat payment, a number of bank mobile phone clients are equipped with sweep payment function.

The development of NFC in China's market has always been like "sleeping giant", but undeniable NFC terminal is expanded to the whole field and as an important starting point, in the past two years NFC development began to look. CUP led the "flash", in the industry application projects accumulated more than 100, covering public transport, subway, rental, high-speed rail and other types of public transport. China Mobile launched about 300 million in 2015 NFC USIM full card products Jicai work. Not long ago, China UnionPay jointly launched 4G-NFC mobile payment of new products. It is understood that China Telecom in its 4G-NFC mobile wallet client to open up the "Union Union", mobile phone users through the "zone" can be very easy to co-bank and pay via the bank card, so that the phone has a bank card function , And in the full country it has 5 million "UnionPay - flash" aleady putted on the POS machine brush mobile phone consumption. On the other hand, NFC technology Apple Pay come into China, China NFC payment market got a main force.

Two-dimensional code, NFC and other payment methods will be long-term coexistence

According to the forward-looking industry research institute "2015-2020, China Mobile payment industry market prospect and investment strategic planning analysis report" analysis, follow Japan near-field payment development experience, the two-dimensional code and NFC to achieve common development. Japan due to the prevalence of mobile phone culture, mobile Internet developed, operators with two-dimensional code, NFC co-cultivation of mobile phone users based on mobile payment habits, promote the development of mobile payment, operators as a two-dimensional code, NFC's main, Kind of payment of the strengths of the way, do their best to complement each other. 

In Japan, two-dimensional code, NFC payment are their mature business model, the effective mobilization of the industry chain to participate in the enthusiasm of all parties. At present, Japan is the most country which widely used two-dimensional code, but also the most mature NFC development of the country.


Although the domestic NFC application of the entire ecological environment need to be developed, but in the development process of NFC will inevitably appear with the two-dimensional code also, two-dimensional code can not bypass the NFC technology, two technologies complement each other. Two-dimensional code, NFC mobile payment is considered to change the future of shopping technology, even for a variety of reasons, mobile payment business did not really take off, but with the two-dimensional code and NFC technology mature, a new generation of mobile payment market Is still bright.


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