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How is Changed After Industry IOT 4.0 Applied in Finance & Account Service

News posted on: 2017/8/23 7:04:12 - by YoYo - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

How is Changed After Industry IOT 4.0 Applied in Finance & Account Service

Once upon a time, we know the robot is only the film "Terminator" Arnold Schwarzenegger played a class of infiltration machines, and now a "robot process automation" era is quietly coming!  

Gartner's latest release of the Robot Process Automation Software Market Guide states that "in the past 12 months, Robotic Process Automation (RPA, Robot Process Automation) supplier's global revenue surge. Investors on the RPA brought rapid investment Investors who are optimistic about finance, taxation, banking, insurance, hiring and other traditional HR applications are often bullish on RPA prospects. 

China is trying to catch this class express, July 20, the State Council issued a "new generation of artificial intelligence development plan", which is China's first 2030 years of artificial intelligence development plan, a clear understanding of China's new generation of artificial intelligence development strategy objectives.

With software robots, robotic process automation solutions ensure uninterrupted automation, management, and execution of a large number of time-consuming business processes.


As the first central enterprise to test water robot automation, Sinochem International (Holdings) Co., Ltd. (Sinochem Group Chemical Industry Group Core Enterprise, referred to as Sinochem International) Financial Sharing Center has selected PricewaterhouseCoopers to help raise tax and Financial efficiency, in reducing the cost of manpower time, improve the quality of work and other aspects of effective.

Before the introduction of RPA, Sinochem International needs to spend a lot of manpower to deal with bank reconciliation, credit confirmation, VAT check, VAT invoice verification and other financial basis. In the global era of artificial intelligence, Sinochem International advancing with the times, decisive research and the introduction of robots to replace high-frequency, repeat, long and low value-added manual operation to help enhance the efficiency and quality of shared center.

The two sides of the project team after 1 month of efforts to quickly complete the business process carding, testing and verification and deployment work, and formally put into operation. After the deployment, four business processes have a significant improvement in efficiency and accuracy:

    1)Bank reconciliation: financial robots daily automatic completion of 15 banks 80 bank account reconciliation and adjustment table printing work, the whole process without human intervention;

    2)The end of the month to remind: financial robots automatically record the bank loan records, and automatically send e-mail to the designated staff to confirm the money subject;

    3)Import and export difference reminder: tax robot regularly from the SAP system, billing system, entry tax receipt management system and PDF file 4 data source to generate a reminder form, and sent to the business staff;

    4)VAT verification: tax robots will need to verify the authenticity of the VAT invoice submitted to the State Administration of Taxation verification platform to verify the authenticity, and feedback on the record results.

By redefining and allocating work, the people of the shared center can be freed from the boring and low-value affairs, focusing on high-value creation.

PricewaterhouseCoopers can automate business activities and processes and improve operational efficiency and quality of service. RPA includes applications / software that can be used to obtain and analyze information by configuring or interacting with computer software, enabling functions such as transaction processing, data transfer, and data comparison. And widely used in finance, taxation, human resources and auditing and many other areas.


Is not looked shocked, this is a lot of our accounting staff do the work on weekdays! And the operation of the robot not only saves the cost, but also improve the efficiency, such a huge advantage can not let people feel not panic?

Previously said, "do the more old and more popular accounting," these words to see how to say, if you put 1 year experience into 10 years, no matter which industry, will be eliminated.


Accounting, computerized accounting, voucher entry, statistical analysis of data, the future is replaced by artificial intelligence is very possible, the value of people more and more reflected in the creative work, a simple regular follow the machinery Work, accounting people should be vigilant.

    1, how far the idea, how far the road: financial people should not be satisfied with the status quo, there must be a high-end international accounting talents of the ambition to make their own to continue to create value.

    2, the ideal refinement for a variety of size goals, and in accordance with the PDCA cycle (planning, implementation, inspection and correction) to implement.

    3, to invest in their own, to enhance their professional ability: learning + research, training and so on.

    4, from the business point of view, financial integration is the core concept of financial management, finance will no longer be concerned only with changes in business indicators, but should be combined with financial indicators concerned about the effectiveness of business issues.

    5, take precautions, do a good job in the management of accounting restructuring.


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