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RFID application in Vehicle Management

News posted on: 2018/4/28 9:02:04 - by joy - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID application in Vehicle Management

As one of the most effective ways to ease urban traffic congestion, reduce traffic accidents, reduce environmental pollution, and improve the overall efficiency of transportation systems, the intelligent transportation system has been widely used in most advanced cities at home and abroad and is considered as an important development direction for transportation in the 21st century. So how to apply RFID to urban traffic management has become one of the current efforts to improve traffic problems.

Intelligent transportation is the trend of urbanization in the future. In the aspects of traffic information acquisition, traffic control, traffic industry management, traffic operation command and traffic information service, etc, The practical application system has been widely used and the effect has become obvious.

Urban intelligent transportation system covering major roads, hubs and stations, ports, airports, and key transportation infrastructures and other locations and areas to achieve comprehensive monitoring of traffic conditions, comprehensive control of road traffic operations, and full-range traffic information for travelers. Service, promote the integration of traffic management and regional traffic integration, and improve the overall traffic operation efficiency and command capability of the city. Intelligent transportation is an important composition system for the construction of Smart Cities.

Vehicle Management

The application of RFID technology in the field of intelligent transportation, gives full play to its huge advantages of automatic identification and dynamic information collection, effectively solves the bottleneck problem of traffic information construction.


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