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RFID T-shirts and Wristbands Tagging Attendees

News posted on: 2018/5/9 15:12:44 - by Lynne - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID T-shirts and Wristbands Tagging Attendees

RFID T-shirts and Wristbands Tagging Attendees

In thousands of warehouses and retail outlets around the world, RFID tags help keep track of stock by emitting signals with embedded information about the items that bear them.

This same technology is starting to allow exhibitioners at events to find out information about attendees without even having to speak to them. RFID could be used to tag bespoke event t-shirts, providing plentiful information about guests the same way RFID provides information about products in retail.

One marketer has posited that RFID-stored information in tagged freebies such as t-shirts, or even “tiny t-shirts for new moms” could put the “WOW” factor into events. Exhibitioners will be able to know the names and interests of guests, and will be able to appeal to exactly what they want and need.



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