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Xminnov Dynamic ID Anti-Counterfeiting Technology:Balck Technology in Black Technology

News posted on: 2018/7/25 2:43:10 - by Benn - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Xminnov Dynamic ID Anti-Counterfeiting Technology:Balck Technology in Black Technology

Xminnov Dynamic ID Anti-Counterfeiting Technology:Balck Technology in Black Technology

Xminnov Insist on Making World Better by Science Technology Innovation

With the development of the times, there are more and more disciplines involved in anti-counterfeiting technology, such as optics, chemistry, electromagnetics, microelectronic technology, computer technology, spectrum technology and so on. Therefore, anti-counterfeiting technology has become an interdisciplinary frontier subject. A number of advanced new technologies, new materials and new technologies have been gradually applied to the field of anti-counterfeiting, playing an important role in anti-counterfeiting. In spite of this, the counterfeit and shoddy goods in China can not be completely contained, and the present situation of anti-counterfeiting and counterfeiting is the reason why the counterfeit goods are difficult and impossible to be eradicated.    

1. There has never been a reliable anti-counterfeiting technology and method. In order to prevent the infringement of counterfeit goods, I do not know how many enterprises have suffered a lot of brain damage, a few enterprises have suffered huge losses, and the language is no policy, saying it is the century's stubborn disease, industrial plague is not too much!

2. In the current situation, whenever a new anti-counterfeiting technology or method appears, it will not be long before counterfeiters can quickly decipher technology to achieve counterfeiting. Even some companies are not good at professional conduct, disclose corporate information data, and gang up with counterfeiters.            

3.The lack of punishment and inadequate punishment results in the risk of fraud too small. Counterfeiters are in droves and fake products emerge in endlessly.            

4.Counterfeiting in China has exceeded smuggling in China; counterfeiting - more than hundreds of billions of dollars a year - has caused more than hundreds of billions of dollars in tax losses to the state. 

First generation- physical anti-counterfeiting 

The cost is too low to copy easily, and it can be torn off on the fake.

Second generation-QR code anti-counterfeiting 

QR code tag

× Data can’t be changeable

× Need human recognization

× Easy break

× Fixed ID code

× No security

× Data easy to be copied

× The printer can be shipped in batch, with the same shape. 

The Third generation- RFID anti-counterfeit

QR code+NFC tag

√  Big data storage

√  Times of read and write

√  Automatic identification

× Fix ID number

× low security

× no security key encryption

RFID anti-counterfeiting is the highest anti-counterfeiting technology for anti-counterfeiting at present, but some illegal elements can still achieve the purpose of forgery and transformation of chip information by means of physical attack and data deduction to ordinary RFID chips.

This all makes a headache, facing these problems, XIAMEN INNOV INFOMATION SCIENCE & Technology Co., Ltd. based on the actual research, until the success of research and development of anti-counterfeit heroes - XMINNOV dynamic ID security NFC smart chip, so that all the problems are solved! 

Through the three generation of innovation and upgrading of the NFC anti-counterfeiting technology, the dynamic ID security NFC smart chip has first created the dynamic ID NFC smart chip in the world, and has applied for several invention patents. Dynamic ID anti-counterfeiting is completely subverting all the existing anti-counterfeiting means, leading the technology revolution with the significance of the times. The world's first creation can be called black technology in black technology. 

The dynamic ID in the RFID field has never been available. The ID number of the chip is changed at any time. The encryption key is mastered by the user itself, and the two keys are double encrypted. There is no need to worry about disclosing business information to the third party. Completely eliminate chip cloning and violent cracking. 

Dynamic ID anti counterfeit+ NFC smart tag

√ big data storage

√  Times of read and write

√  Automatic identification

√  High security

√  Dynamic ID anti counterfeit function

√  two security key encryption

The disposable NFC smart label uses fragile and anti transfer special label substrate technology to make the package open and destroy, and it can not be reused. Customers do not need to download app, so as long as the mobile phone opens the NFC function, it can easily read product information. NFC not only can be traced to anti-counterfeiting, but also can push advertising activities and consumer interaction, combined with large data and cloud computing to let enterprises put the product more accurately into the market, realize the management of intelligent factories, improve the information accuracy of goods in storage and reduce the loss of logistics goods.


We believe that the emergence of the ID security NFC smart chip will completely change any existing anti-counterfeiting technology and completely eliminate any existing forgery. XMINNOV enables the world's top China core to give you a genuine experience in your life.    


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