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Xi'an Parking Is More Smart Payment Is More Convenient

News posted on: 2019/1/23 7:22:31 - by Naomi - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Xi'an Parking Is More Smart Payment Is More Convenient

Xi'an Parking is more "Smart" Payment is more Convenient

"We have already piloted the Beidou satellite point parking guidance system at some sites, which enables the owner to find the parking space and pay more quickly and conveniently." Zhang Xiaoyong, director of the Information Service Department of the Municipal Motor Vehicle Parking Service Center, told the reporter that the Beidou navigation system Highly accurate, accurate to centimeters, using the Beidou satellite point parking guidance system at the parking site to provide detailed information on the vehicle's trajectory by installing electronic tags on the vehicle, and the nearest parking space can be displayed through the parking center's APP, and The ability to specify the berth number of a site to achieve precise induced parking. Through the electronic fence technology, all the parking berths are included in the fence, and the system entering the fence is recognized as entering the parking space for parking. For the user who purchases the annual card and the monthly card, the system can automatically recognize the vehicle when the vehicle is parked by entering the vehicle. If the manned site will send the vehicle's information directly to the POS through the background, the owner can find the nearest parking space without any operation, and stop and leave.

“We have about 5,000 scattered public road berths in the city. After communicating with the traffic police team, we installed smart chassis locks in these scattered parking spaces for unmanned management.” Zhang Xiaoyong said that these are installed on the ground. The lock is put down normally. After the vehicle stops, the smart chassis lock will automatically open and rise. When the owner is driving away, he only needs to scan the QR code on the parking space with the mobile phone and pay.

“The parking sharing system mainly wants to solve the problem of the current shortage of parking spaces, revitalize the existing parking space resources, and use Internet technology to achieve complementarity.” Zhang Xiaoyong told reporters that, for example, during the morning peak period, the parking spaces in a hospital are in short supply, and the surrounding areas. The parking spaces in the community are relatively free, and they can be shared by the parking space in the community during the peak period for use by the owner. In the evening, when the parking space is idle, the free parking spaces will be reused. “At present, we have carried out a survey of the parking resources in the main places of Xi'an, mainly in the government offices and private parking lots in the community.” Zhang Xiaoyong said that the parking sharing system mainly needs to establish a parking management big data platform to realize berth registration. Reasonable deployment and utilization will greatly alleviate the problem of parking difficulties.


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