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Jiangxi High-speed License Plate Payment Era Is Coming

News posted on: 2019/2/15 9:04:36 - by Naomi - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

Jiangxi High-speed License Plate Payment Era Is Coming

Jiangxi High-speed "License Plate Payment" Era is Coming

In recent years, highway toll mobile payments have become a "fashion." Since July 2017, the Jiangxi Provincial Expressway Toll Center has comprehensively promoted the construction of mobile payment scanning codes.

So far, the mobile payment scan code payment covers 1200 toll lanes in the province, accounting for more than 95% of the high-speed toll lanes in Jiangxi Province, and the number of owners using mobile payment has been increasing.

It is reported that Jiangxi's "automobile license payment" landing will open a new chapter in high-speed electronic payment in Jiangxi Province. At present, the toll stations such as Jiulonghu Station, Meiling Station, Wanli Station and Wangcheng Station have already supported the “license payment” station.

The arrival of license plate payment marks a new upgrade of the Jiangxi high-speed toll management system. At the same time, license plate payment also effectively supplements the high-speed ETC electronic uninterrupted charging. In the future, Jiangxi Express will actively adopt new technologies and explore the integration of new technologies and ETC. It will bring more convenient and faster high-speed traffic experience to the majority of car owners.

What is the license plate payment how to register

License plate payment is a powerful complement to existing MTC lane (artificial lane) cash charges and mobile phone scan code fees. After the user completes the binding license and Alipay account operations, the license can be quickly identified by the license plate in the exit channel. Or cash, deducting the toll directly from Alipay, the entire transit time is reduced to 3-5 seconds.

In the Alipay client, the user searches for “Jiangxi Expressway Network Management Center” and enters the “License Plate Payment” opening page. No need to upload any documents, just follow the prompts to carefully fill in the license plate number and sign the withholding agreement to complete the user's vehicle registration and binding.


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