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RFID technology is expected to become a cornerstone of the development trend of smart logistics!

News posted on: 2019/6/24 2:01:56 - by Anna - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology is expected to become a cornerstone of the development trend of smart logistics!

RFID technology is expected to become a cornerstone of the development trend of smart logistics!

Warehousing management has always played a very important role in the logistics process. With the introduction of RFID technology in the logistics field, huge logistics products are being transferred every day. RFID technology quickly bans traditional technologies with fast speed and good stability. . The development of smart logistics is inseparable from technologies such as Internet of Things, RFID, and picking, and gradually integrates various technologies into the logistics industry. RFID technology is expected to become a cornerstone of the development trend of smart logistics!

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Although most of the deployment of RFID technology has begun, logistics companies have been able to shorten the operation process, increase the throughput of the distribution center, improve the quality of inventory operations, increase the transparency of supply chain management, and transmit information more quickly, accurately, and safely. , but still have to continue to optimize.

Because of the variety of materials transported by logistics, in general, conductive liquid substances can strongly absorb electromagnetic waves, while metal objects or high-density non-metal materials can reflect electromagnetic waves. In logistics applications, especially in the case of daily necessities, bag sorting, etc., the content of the logistics object is often uncertain, that is, the nature of the logistics object is very complex, solid, and Leading liquids, metal objects may still be present.

The shape and size of the object. Shape of the identified object For a regular shaped object, the label is easier to install and does not form an occlusion. The impact on the RFID recognition effect needs to be considered from the aspect. The size of the identified object is directly related to the distance of the reading distance of the system and the way the reader system is installed. Of course, if the tag is fixedly mounted on one side of the reader antenna, it will ensure an ideal reading.

The speed at which the object moves. The speed at which the recognized object moves is related to the time the tag stays in the electromagnetic field, that is, the time at which the tag acquires energy. The longer this time, the more the internal capacitance of the tag is charged, the longer the continuous discharge time, and the more stable and reliable the work. However, with the gradual improvement of the performance of readers and antennas, the excessive speed will affect the accuracy of reading results and will be effectively controlled.

Since the basic principle of RFID system operation is the coupling and propagation of electromagnetic waves, the performance of the system is very sensitive to the electromagnetic impact of the installation environment. In practical applications, a wire, network cable, etc. in the installation environment may affect the reading performance of the system. In the logistics center, there may be various metal shelves, which will seriously affect the transmission of RFID electromagnetic waves.

The so-called application level of the RFID system refers to the application of RFID tags to that level, whether it is single-grade, small packaging, large packaging, pallet or container. Taking cigarettes as an example, the application can be one pack of cigarettes, one piece, or one box, and for warehouse management, it can also be a tray. Different levels of application will change the size of the identifier, the number of identifiers recognized at the same time, etc., and therefore affect the quality of the recognition.

The size and mounting of the label also affects the stability of the use. The labels come in a variety of shapes, including strips, card-shaped, cylindrical, and various shaped labels. The size and shape of the label needs to be determined according to the needs of the specific application system. But the smaller the label, the worse the reading, and the more difficult it is to package the label. Label installation includes pasting, hanging, embedding, wearing, etc. For larger labels used on trucks, containers, etc., it can also be riveted. The choice of installation method and installation location is also very important for the system.

For the entire RFID system, the RFID electronic tag is a kind of consumable, so the cost of the tag is relatively high. Therefore, the choice of the RFID system must be based on the value of the identified item itself and the added value that can be created. To consider comprehensively.

RFID has become a contributor to the development trend of smart logistics in the field of logistics applications, and there are still many problems to continue to optimize. The various advantages of RFID technology will play a perfect role. With the acceleration of the technological innovation process of logistics enterprises, the efficiency and transparency of information management has become the ideal goal. Continuously improve the effective operation process and improve work efficiency, and meet the future construction of informationization, intelligence and modernization of logistics.


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