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RFID technology will help build safe disposal of hazardous waste

News posted on: 2019/7/1 2:46:47 - by Blanche - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID technology will help build safe disposal of hazardous waste

RFID technology will help build safe disposal of hazardous waste

With the rapid development of society, link protection has always been the focus of attention, especially the hazardous waste generated by manufacturing enterprises represented by textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, and electronics industries. These hazardous wastes cause serious pollution to the ecological environment. It is of great significance for building and improving the living environment of residents, improving the quality of life and improving the health level. Therefore, the centralized, efficient and safe treatment of hazardous waste, automation, information, intelligence, efficiency and systematization, planning management is a must! RFID technology will help build safe disposal of hazardous waste!

The rapid development of RFID technology has brought new breakthroughs in the improvement of hazardous waste information management technology. It has introduced the existing mature RFID technology into the original hazardous waste information system, which makes it possible to transform the planar management into three-dimensional management. The automation, standardization, information management process monitoring management provides a basis. On the basis of digitalization and information management, we will maximize the information management level of hazardous wastes, improve the comprehensive treatment capacity of hazardous wastes, and avoid potential safety hazards.

After receiving the hazardous waste, the hazardous waste treatment center shall respond to the receiving list, clarify the details of the received items, and check whether the packaging is sealed without leakage, whether or not the label is attached and the specifications are filled out. After the determination is correct, the back-end system will print the barcode label according to the hazardous waste information and paste it on the dangerous goods. The hazardous waste will then be loaded onto the pallet and waiting for storage.

RFID hazardous waste treatment will effectively improve various management links!

1) Convenience: Fully electronic data centralized management, a large number of data query work is done by the server, saving a lot of manpower and improving efficiency.

2) Data security: Adopting a new generation of RFID electronic tags, which are designed for different use occasions, identify fast response time, low average failure rate, and ensure the safety, timeliness and stability of the identification link; In addition, the high-performance and high-fault-tolerant system server is adopted to ensure the high stability, security and network transmission speed of the server, thereby realizing the real-time transmission of the system and ensuring the timeliness of the information.

3) Improve management level: centralized management, distributed control; standardize the supervision and management of waste collection and transportation links, supervise all necessary links, so that emergencies can reach the top management level in the first time, so that the incident can be dealt with in time.

4) Scalability: Considering the future development trend and the promotion of informatization in the management of regional waste dangerous goods, the system provides a rich data interface, and can provide corresponding data to the EPA as needed.

A location tag is installed at each pre-processing center, and the location tag is bound to the processing information of the pre-processing. The forklift truck carries out the dangerous goods out of the warehouse. The dangerous goods information is first determined by the electronic label information of the pallet loaded with dangerous goods, and the delivery order is checked. After confirming the correctness, the system prompts to go to the designated pretreatment center. After the forklift is guided to reach the pre-processing center, the scanning device on the forklift will first scan the position label of the pre-processing center and check whether it is correct. If it is correct, the fork-lift driver will be prompted to perform the warehouse, otherwise the alarm will be issued. All processing information will be uploaded to the back-end system in time, the alarm information will be archived, and the report will be provided on demand.

Information Management of Hazardous Wastes With the introduction of RFID technology, it will make full use of its automatic information collection and identification, long-distance rapid identification, and strong environmental tolerance, and establish a hazardous waste informatization and automation management system. Thereby, the visual management of all aspects of dangerous goods is realized, including automation, informationization, efficiency, standardization and refinement of the management of the inbound and outbound storage. RFID technology not only improves the centralized, efficient and safe handling of hazardous waste, but also greatly improves the efficiency of manual management.


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