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RFID smart tires will usher in a new car revolution!

News posted on: 2019/7/1 2:52:13 - by Blanche - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID smart tires will usher in a new car revolution!

RFID smart tires will usher in a new car revolution!

Smart tires are equipped with computer chips or computer chips connected to the carcass. It can automatically monitor and adjust the running temperature and air pressure of the tires to maintain optimal operation under different conditions. The safety factor saves money. It is estimated that after a few years, the smart tire can detect the moisture of the road surface and change the pattern of the tire to prevent slipping. RFID smart tires will usher in a new car revolution!

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In addition to being more durable, more comfortable and quiet, how to make tires "expressive and smarter" has always been the direction of tire manufacturers. As the development of tires becomes more and more human, its connotation includes intelligent convenience and green security. Big tire manufacturers have developed a variety of smart tire technologies and products. The intelligentization of tires is not only a revolution in the tire itself, but also a revolution in tire manufacturing process technology and production equipment. Let the tires be more "smart" and humans will be safer.

The first kind of intelligence: tire inflation internal pressure monitoring.

Smart tires are tires that collect and transmit all the information about their environment and make the right judgments and treatments. Tire inflation internal pressure monitoring. Tire underpressure is a major safety hazard.

The second type of intelligence: history traceability records.

History traceability records, the so-called process traceability records require the tires to be formed at each stage of the manufacturing-factory-use (including repair, refurbishment)-disposal process, and can be reviewed at any time. The traceability of the process will include: the identity of the tire, ie the tire brand, production serial number, DOT code, production site, production date; tire household registration, ie loading information, usually including the car spindle number, rim number; The use information of the tires, that is, the temperature of the tires during the previous trip, the internal pressure of the inflation, the speed, the force, the deformation and other data as well as the previous renovation, repair situation; tire scrapping information, that is, the reason for scrapping, the date of scrapping. Seeking ways to achieve traceability records, the current method of reading the literature is to install RFID (radio frequency identification) cards on tires. The FID card is a computer-enabled miniature card sensor that contains all the components necessary for information gathering, information processing, and information transmission.

The third kind of intelligence: automatic replenishment of tire inflation internal pressure.

Automatically replenish the tire inflation internal pressure. Equipped with a car air pump can replenish the tire inflation internal pressure in time. Once the tire leaks, the tire inflation internal pressure monitoring device will issue an alarm, and the on-board computer activates the vehicle air pump accordingly, and the vehicle air pump fills the tire cavity with gas to restore the tire to a reasonable inflation internal pressure.

The fourth intelligence: tire temperature monitoring.

The tire gradually rises in temperature during the running process due to heat generation, and the high temperature accelerates the degradation of the rubber, the cord and the like, thereby shortening the service life of the tire. The tire temperature monitoring system consists of two parts: a miniature sensor implanted in the tire carcass, which is responsible for detecting and transmitting tire temperature data; and a receiver/data reader installed in the cab of the car to receive and display data.

The fifth kind of intelligence: other parameter monitoring.

For example, monitoring the dynamic mechanical conditions of the tire's force, deformation, etc., to provide data to the car's automatic driving system.

The smart tire automatically whistle when the following conditions occur: the tire pressure exceeds or falls below the set value; the tire temperature exceeds the set value; someone steals the tire. This type of tire will enable the driver to keep track of the tire condition, maintain it in time, and extend the life of the tire.

Tires with "electronic ID card": RFID tires. The difference between an RFID tire and a normal tire is that an RFID card is installed in the sidewall, and the tire serial number, production date, production plant code, etc. are first written in the tire manufacturing factory, and then written on the assembly line of the automobile manufacturer. Identification number. This will reduce the scope of the recall once the tire has quality problems. At present, only the Michelin family has the ability to mass produce RFID tires. Hundreds of RFID tires have been installed in urban taxis. The first 18 months of trials began in January this year. Michelin intends to bring RFID tires to the market as an option for the 2005 model.


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