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RFID smart wardrobe adds a beautiful landscape to the home

News posted on: 2019/7/3 2:25:38 - by Norah - RFIDtagworld XMINNOV RFID Tag Manufacturer

RFID smart wardrobe adds a beautiful landscape to the home

RFID smart wardrobe adds a beautiful landscape to the home

The concept of smart home has been planned by designers for a long time, but it has always been limited to the technology is not mature enough. The RFID smart wardrobe adds a beautiful landscape to the home. The intelligent home realizes automatic management, and through the technology support of the Internet of Things technology, the various devices of the family are connected together, which not only satisfies the residential function, but also realizes automatic management. As the most important technology construction of the sensing layer, RFID technology provides home appliance control, remote control, intelligent lighting, anti-theft detection, realizing home information interaction, optimizing the lives of busy people and enhancing the fun of life!

A highlight of smart homes is the automatic management of clothing in smart wardrobes. By combining UHF reader technology with APP for remote control, each piece of clothing is automatically identified by RFID, and the wardrobe automatically suspends the clothes. When it is necessary to wear clothes, only the instructions are issued to the APP, and the RFID smart wardrobe is It can automatically perform steaming, and you can choose clothes. RFID smart wardrobes will use a lot of technology, first need to install RFID tags on each piece of clothing, smart wardrobe will automatically install the clothes. Record the characteristics of the clothes, which type they belong to. Quick response when it is convenient to issue instructions.

Recognizing the information of each piece of clothing, the RFID reader and antenna can effectively receive the APP and collect information and read. Clothing enters the RFID closet: When the RFID-equipped clothes are placed in the RFID closet box, the clothes are automatically suspended by the robotic hand, and the RFID tag of the clothes contacts the RFID antenna in the closet for quick identification. The RFID wardrobe software will select a storage location that fits the size of the garment and the hook will move to that location. Then, the dress remains on the hook until it is needed.

The clothes are taken out of the RFID closet: when the clothes need to be taken out, the application-based data is passed to the closet through the set application, and then the clothes connected to the hook are released at the selected time (already linked to them) The RFID number), and steamed it to the user at a preset level before release. Effectively manage the automation of clothing.

How to build an RFID smart wardrobe information management system is the core. The RFID smart closet stores information on the marked clothes through the App, and the state of the clothes hanging in the closet, indicating that the clothes not in the closet are being told that they are being worn or washed. Enter enough details about each piece of clothing so the app knows how each piece of clothing is worn (eg, business or gym) and the system gives some reference information and keeps a record of the time and frequency of removal from the closet.

We know that children's clothing doesn't like being worn by a single person. You can use the RFID wardrobe app to choose a week's clothing for your child. Every day, the RFID smart closet will automatically prompt you to set the clothes. They can choose clothing from the RFID wardrobe app, and the RFID wardrobe app can also be used during shopping to determine which items in the wardrobe might match the clothing he or she plans to purchase. With UHF RFID tags, a sufficiently robust wash cycle is required. But UHF technology is still necessary to ensure that the reading distance is long enough because it is handled in the closet to identify each piece of clothing.

Intelligent home brings a lot of convenience to our lives, and it also shows the joy of life. Make your home more efficient, safe and comfortable. It is also improving the quality of life. The Internet of Things only home is changing every home environment.


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